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July 2017 Archives

Was the person who hit you using a hands-free device at the time?

Perhaps you finally had the chance recently to unwind with your family, heading out together for some recreation during these last remaining weeks of summer. If you're like many other Louisiana residents, you may have chosen one of the popular zoos, aquariums, theme parks or museums in the state as your destination. If yours is a particularly energetic family, several of these locations may have been part of your itinerary.

Are weekends more dangerous for motorcyclists?

When it comes to preventing motorcycle accidents, there are many angles that you may want to think about if you ride a motorcycle. For example, you should always be vigilant and try to watch out for any reckless drivers. Also, it is smart to stay off the road during inclement weather conditions that affect your ability to ride safely. However, you may want to consider other matters, such times of week that motorcycle accidents are more likely.

Auto crashes and the Fourth of July

Whether a driver consumes alcohol and decides to get behind the wheel or a passenger distracts someone who is trying to operate a vehicle, there are countless reasons why traffic accidents keep happening. At Bruno & Bruno, we are also aware that certain holiday activities, such as parades and heavy traffic due to a festival, can also increase the chances of a car accident.