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Taxi And Ride-Share Accidents Archives

Insurance coverage and rideshare accidents

Uber and other rideshare services are becoming rather popular in Louisiana and other areas. With the increased use of these services has come the risk of you being involved in an accident. Rideshare accidents are special because of how these services are set up. When we see these accidents at Bruno & Bruno, we feel it is important to explain the complexities involved.

Your Uber driver may not have enough insurance

There are plenty of circumstances in New Orleans and Covington where you may be safer if you download a ride-share app and arrange for someone else to drive you rather than getting behind the wheel yourself. The companies that offer these services are responsible for ensuring that you are safe, and that includes adequate insurance coverage. The attorneys at Bruno & Bruno have worked with many car accident victims whose ongoing medical expenses have exceeded coverage limits.

Recovering from a taxi accident

Every day, taxi drivers and those who work for a ride-sharing company put the lives of others at risk. In New Orleans, and communities across Louisiana, taxi accidents take place for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, these crashes are caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while others are the result of speeding and the nature of a taxi driver's profession. At Bruno & Bruno, our law firm understands the multitude of challenges that victims of taxi accidents may encounter, from severe injuries to the loss of life and financial problems.

Use of older taxis Okayed by New Orleans city council

We all know cars do not age well. Unless you keep a vehicle in a garage and never drive it, every time you use it, you are putting wear and tear on that vehicle's critical parts. The tires, brakes, engine and drive train experience that wear every time you drive, no matter how short the distance your drive.