Strategic DUI/DWI Defense

The state of Louisiana takes driving while intoxicated (DWI) seriously and has imposed strict penalties for DWI convictions. Consequences can range and include the loss of your license, fines, probation and even possible time behind bars. You can also lose your vehicle through impoundment or forfeiture. When you can drive again, you could also end up needing to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car, meaning you are going to need to breathe into a machine in order to start your vehicle. With such steep consequences, know that if you have been charged with DWI, Bruno & Bruno is here to help you.

In addition to the legal consequences, there are practical issues that often come from a DWI arrest or conviction. A DWI is a crime and a conviction will show up on your permanent record, which could lead to you losing your current job or being denied future employment opportunities. Especially if the job is with the state or law enforcement, or involves driving in any way, you may not keep or get the job.

Are You A Commercial Truck Driver?

Commercial truck drivers are also in a unique spot when it comes to DWIs. Not only could you end up losing your license for a year, but you may also have limitations on driving outside of the state or abroad. When you do start driving again, your monthly insurance rates are also most likely going to be very high. Add to this the possibility of mandatory community service and substance abuse treatment and you can quickly see how high the cost of a DWI really is.

We Have The Skill You Need

At Bruno & Bruno, our DUI defense attorneys have years of experience representing Louisiana clients who have been charged with DWI. We serve South Shore clients from our New Orleans office and North Shore clients from our Covington office. Our Louisiana attorneys will thoroughly review your arrest records to ensure that police procedures were performed correctly and that your rights were upheld during your arrest. When constructing your defense, we will consult with a DWI expert who can testify on your behalf regarding the results of blood alcohol content (BAC) testing, field sobriety testing and other factors.

Contact Our Louisiana DUI/DWI Charge Attorneys

A drunk driving arrest is a serious matter and could result in an array of negative consequences far into the future. To discuss your case with one of our experienced lawyers, call 504-525-1335 (800-966-1335 toll free). You may also contact us online. Our offices are conveniently located in New Orleans and Covington.