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Tragic Truck Accident Litigation

In most cases, truck accidents involve the most severe injuries and likelihood of fatality. The size and weight of trucks can do enormous damage in short thrift, resulting in catastrophic wreckage. If you have suffered serious injuries or lost someone you love, work with the experienced lawyers of Bruno & Bruno to make sure your case is in good hands.

Truck accident and other motor vehicle accident victims choose Bruno & Bruno to handle their truck accident claims because of our experience, our commitment to client service and our proud history of success. We serve North Shore and South Shore clients from our offices in New Orleans and Covington, Louisiana. We have been a family law firm serving clients in our community for more than 60 years, and our tradition of excellence continues.

18-Wheeler Accidents

Do not try to handle your tractor-trailer accident case on your own or with an inexperienced lawyer. Our attorneys have knowledge and experience with all aspects of truck accident litigation:

  • Complex laws and regulations: There are numerous laws and regulations in the trucking industry. Knowledge of these laws is critical in trucking accident cases. Our attorneys explore weight limits, logbooks, possible load securing issues, hiring and firing policies of trucking companies, evidence or a history of alcohol or drug use and other related issues that bolster our clients' cases.
  • Insurance company negotiations: Compared to regular vehicle accident cases involving individuals, trucking companies and their insurance carriers have a lot at stake in major trucking accident claims. We know how to work with opposing insurance companies to get you the full compensation award you deserve.
  • Aggressive litigation: We prepare carefully and fight these cases aggressively. Our attorneys are not afraid of going up against major trucking companies in this type of litigation. We have done it before, and we have won.

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