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Crash type categories and Louisiana car accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Car Accidents

Local commuters are probably used to hearing traffic reports mentioning all types of crashes on Louisiana’s roadways. Often, these accidents are described in various ways, being simple “fender-benders” without any serious damage to devastating multi-car pileups that claim the lives of multiple people. No matter what type of car accident happens in New Orleans, though, a skilled auto accident attorney can be of assistance.

According to Louisiana State University’s Louisiana Crash Data Reports, there are three main categories of crash severity. These include accidents that only cause property damage and no drivers, passengers or pedestrians were killed or injured. These crashes are reported to the police and involve damage to one or more vehicles – there must be enough damage in order to meet the state’s minimum criteria for inclusion in its reporting system.

Two other types of crashes involve damage to humans as well as possible damage to property. Injury crashes and fatal crashes are both police-reported, but fatal crashes involve the death of at least one person. Injury crashes do not involve death but do involve at least one of the following types of injuries: an injury which is incapacitating, an injury which is visible but does not incapacitate the victim and an injury which is possible and may not be visible.

A New Orleans resident involved in an auto accident is likely to have a lot of questions about how to obtain compensation for damages, including serious injury and wrongful death. An experienced car accident attorney can perform his or her own review of the circumstances and help a victim assert his or her rights before the law.

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