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October 2016 Archives

Bus heading back from casino kills 13 passengers in crash

In a city like New Orleans, there are many ways of getting around town for tourists and visitors. Some of those include cab rides, using the streetcar, Uber or Lyft, or tour buses. We like to think that all of these options are safe and secure; after all, they carry hundreds of passengers every day, so they must be safe?

Medical emergency causes fatal crash in New Orleans

In a city like New Orleans, with a great deal of traffic, much of it driven by out-of-town visitors who may be unfamiliar with the city, and full of pedestrians, crashes involving cars trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are not uncommon. Many are caused by drivers not paying attention to their driving for the typical reasons of alcohol or drugs, distracted by texting or electronics or drowsy from staying up too late.

Who pays when you are rear-ended in Louisiana?

A rear-end collision usually occurs when the front end of a vehicle strikes the rear end of another vehicle. Although there may be an automatic assumption that the driver of the rear vehicle may be at fault, there are situations in which the driver of the front vehicle is responsible, at least in part, for the accident.