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May 2017 Archives

What to do following a car crash

After a motor vehicle accident, you may understandably be shaken up and even angry, especially if another motorist caused the accident. This is particularly true if the other driver was being careless behind the wheel, such as driving while distracted. Having physical pain and discomfort to deal with immediately following the wreck only makes matters even more complicated.

Addressing driver safety with technology

Drivers in Louisiana may come upon any number of traffic situations, even during a quick trip to the grocery store. Responding to these correctly and safely may take full concentration, good judgment and excellent reflexes. When any factor is missing, the results may be fatal. Forbes magazine points out that eliminating the potential for motor vehicle crashes resulting from failures in any of these areas has become the driving motivation for developers of technology.

Protecting yourself as a rideshare driver

As a rideshare driver on the busy roads of Louisiana, you face a unique set of inherent risks stemming from your need to drive assertively in response to constant traffic issues. With efficient travel, you are able to realize more profit with a higher number of fares, but your personal protection is also critical. At Bruno & Bruno Trial Lawyers, we understand the implications of ridesharing and have helped many drivers to navigate the complications of liability and fault in the event of an accident.