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August 2017 Archives

Was braking distance a factor in your truck accident?

Louisiana readers know that commercial trucks and semitrailers are larger and heavier than regular passenger vehicles, and they know that this size difference is what makes accidents with these types of vehicles particularly dangerous. There are many reasons why truck accidents happen, and one of these is braking distance.

TBIs, concussions and other accident-related head injuries

A car accident can affect your health in many ways, and some of these effects are not apparent until days or weeks after the initial injury. Head injuries are a common type of car accident injury, yet victims are often unaware of the symptoms and signs or the injury itself in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Moving forward after a commercial vehicle wreck

Whether you were hit by a garbage truck, delivery truck, someone who was driving a company car or were involved in some other type of commercial vehicle accident, the consequences can be very tough. Bruno & Bruno understands the multitude of challenges that arise for commercial vehicle accident victims in New Orleans and cities across all of Louisiana. If you are in this position, focusing on recovery should be a top priority.

Inclement weather and reckless driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two million injuries and over 32,000 fatalities take place each year as a result of motor vehicle wrecks. These traffic accidents have many causes, including driving over the speed limit, getting behind the wheel after consuming drugs or alcohol, cell phones, and other distractions. However, weather can also lead to a collision in New Orleans and on roads across Lousiana. Regrettably, some people fail to drive safely during poor weather conditions and threaten the lives of others.

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