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February 2018 Archives

What costs are involved in car accidents?

Drivers in Louisiana should be aware that motor vehicle collisions result in a variety of costs that extend beyond just vehicle repairs and medical care. Victims of car accidents, especially major ones, typically have emotional and mental issues that can add to the amount the insurance companies and/or the person who caused the accident owe over a number of years.

Did you receive an inaccurate diagnosis in the emergency room?

If you need immediate medical care, you go to the emergency room. And while you will most likely not see your regular doctor there, you will be seen by a team of highly training doctors and nurses. You should be able to trust the care you are receiving, or at least you would hope so.

Amtrak 's problems continue

Amtrak has experienced a number of accidents over the last few months, and people in Louisiana are wondering why. At Bruno & Bruno, we are extremely concerned about accidents involving commercial transportation as they can result in major injuries. The latest train crashes resulted in multiple injuries and a number of fatalities, and Amtrak is investigating why these crashes occurred and what can be done to prevent future issues.