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May 2018 Archives

4 types of brain injuries that could occur in a car accident

Suffering a head injury tends to cause immediate panic. Most everyone understands that a head injury could also mean a brain injury has occurred, and serious harm could come from a brain injury. Because of the severity of these injuries, it is important that you obtain medical attention soon after experiencing any type of blow to the head.

When a driver loses control of their vehicle

Accidents happen for all sorts of reasons, but it can be especially terrifying when a driver loses control of his or her vehicle. To see a vehicle careening off the road or swiftly moving in the wrong lane can be alarming and these drivers put lives at risk. Whether someone has a seizure, another type of health crisis, is intoxicated or even inexperienced, drivers who lose control of their vehicles are a major problem on roadways across the country.

Bicycle accidents and negligent drivers

As a bicyclist, you have to keep an eye out for all sorts of dangers while you are on the road, from poor weather conditions such as heavy rain to potholes and other hazards. Unfortunately, you may also find yourself in an accident as a result of a negligent driver, such as someone who is operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs. Other risky behaviors, such as getting behind the wheel when one is extremely tired, can also cause an accident. Sadly, these accidents can be especially disastrous for bicyclists.