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November 2018 Archives

Listening to loud music and driving

Many people enjoy listening to music while they are behind the wheel, whether they like to play a cd from one of their favorite groups or they enjoy listening to a certain radio station. Music can make a trip seem more enjoyable, but it can also be dangerous for various reasons. For example, a driver may become distracted by a particular song, especially if they try to sing along to the lyrics. Moreover, music that is extremely loud can also be distracting.

Recovering from a limousine accident

Traffic wrecks occur in all sorts of ways, and some are especially unexpected. For example, someone may rent a limousine to celebrate a wedding, a recent graduation or a prom. While this is supposed to be a memorable time in an unforgettable vehicle, some people find themselves involved in a crash. Sadly, these accidents can prove fatal and they have also caused many victims to sustain injuries. Limousines are often on the road at night, which can be especially dangerous as well.

Winter is coming, which means road danger will increase

It's bad enough that you have to worry about drivers who travel above posted speed limits on Louisiana roads, as well as those who blow through red lights or stop signs, make unsafe lane changes or otherwise disregard traffic regulations. Negligent drivers place you, themselves and any other motorist or pedestrian nearby at risk for injury. When winter arrives and the climate changes, such risks are even greater if reckless drivers commit negligence when road conditions are poor.

What is defensive driving?

Aggressive driving behaviors are not only inconsiderate, they also lead to a greater risk of accident and injury. That’s why all motorists should utilize defensive driving tactics, which entail remaining aware of your surroundings at all times and following traffic laws to the letter. Esurance offers a few examples of defensive driving behaviors and how they can benefit you.