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Fatal motor vehicle accidents show danger of red-light violations

Many Louisiana motor vehicle accidents happen when a driver runs a red light. One of the most basic aspects of safe driving is understanding that red means stop. Still, many drivers will go through the red signal for a variety of reasons. A strategy that many cities use to discourage the practice is by installing red-light cameras.

However, these have been a source of dispute for their fairness and safety. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says than nearly 93 percent of those who were seen running a red light that had just changed stated that it was an unacceptable act. Still, 42.7 percent said they had gone through a red light in the previous month.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that there were more than 800 fatalities in collisions caused by running a red light in 2016. People in other vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians comprised more than 50 percent of the deaths. The presence of cameras that detect when a driver has run a red light do save lives. IIHS says that the presence of cameras reduced the number of violations by 40 percent. In addition, cities with the red-light cameras had a 21 percent reduction in red-light fatalities when compared to cities that did not have them.

The number of cities with red-light cameras has been declining. At the same time, fatalities due to running red lights has risen. Although red-light violations are not the only reason for car accidents, statistics show that fewer cameras tend to make the roads more dangerous. If there were injuries or fatalities because of a vehicle running a red light, having legal assistance may be imperative in recovering compensation for what was lost. A law firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents might help with a claim.

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