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Admiralty & Maritime Law Archives

Your resource for admiralty and maritime law advice

When most workers in Louisiana first started their current jobs, they likely underwent some sort of safety briefing in order to ensure work-related accidents are kept at bay. Some professions, such as those in construction, manufacturing or the maritime industry, involve in-depth safety training since these fields often have an inherent potential for accidents. For those who have been injured on a seagoing vessel in local oceans and rivers, there is experienced legal help available.

Full body harnesses and preventing accidents at sea

Many Louisiana workers earn a living on the water. Especially in the oil industry, there are many opportunities for advancement, growth and a steady income for supporting oneself and one's family. However, as with any occupation - perhaps even more so many than many fields, though - the oil industry can pose certain risks to workers. Those who have been injured on drilling rigs can contact a Louisiana maritime law attorney for legal advice.

Injured seaman brings claim against employer in Louisiana

A man recently brought a lawsuit in Louisiana against his employer for injuries he allegedly suffered while working on a tugboat. The man alleges he suffered injuries while working on a tugboat and accuses the owner of the tugboat and the barge of negligence and maintaining an unseaworthy vessel. According to the lawsuit, while the man was transferring from a tugboat to an equipment and materials barge he slipped and fell, allegedly suffering permanent and disabling injuries. The man's right knee was injured which required multiple surgeries and he was also injured generally according to the lawsuit.

Man killed in accident on drillship off the Louisiana coast

Personal injury or wrongful death claims are complicated when they occur on land. They become even more complex when they take place on the sea. Such injuries include those injured on cruise ships, recreational boats and even those injured on drilling rigs.

Federal agency regulates sea vessel, ocean-based travel

When it comes to traveling, many New Orleans residents use their own cars and trucks to get from place to place. Sometimes they fly on airplanes to distant destinations or ride trains for their necessary and for pleasure travel. In some cases, individuals travel by boat. Though travel by sea vessel is not the most common method of travel for many people, it is a very common way for goods and products to be delivered to and from Louisiana through the Gulf.

The right approach for people injured at sea

Admiralty and maritime law addresses the application of law for incidents that occur on navigable waters. Navigable waters are oceans, lakes and rivers that allow commercial shipping activities. Although the impact of injuries that occur on navigable waters are similar to those that occur on land, admiralty and maritime law can be much more complex in its application to such events.

Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Although the concept of penalties related to driving a car while under the influence is understood by Louisianans, many may be surprised to know that similar penalties exist for operating a boat while under the influence as well. In fact, over half of all boating accidents are the result of an operator being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Impacts and damages resulting from oil spills in water

Oil spills can have a devastating impact on the health of those nearby, as well as on the surrounding environment. Those that occur on offshore oilrigs can additionally contaminate the body of water in which the rig is located and impair the health of wildlife living in the area. When such a spill occurs, there are various legal actions that can result.

What injuries can occur on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are a popular method of travel for those in Louisiana who seek a vacation on the water. The majority of these getaways occur without incident. However, there are certain instances in which travelers may become ill or injured as a result of actions of the ship operator or staff. Many people may wonder what types of injuries can occur on a cruise ship, and what law governs any ensuing claims?

Claims for injuries sustained on a cruise ship

Those in New Orleans, Louisiana are familiar with waterways and the various forms of travel that occur on them. One of the more popular methods of maritime travel is by cruise ship. Like any method of transportation, cruises have their own inherent risks for passengers. Although many of the potential injuries may be considered minor, the more severe injuries may give rise to a potential claim for compensation.