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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Archives

What happens to commercial vehicle drivers who drink?

It goes without saying that people should avoid getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol. Yet many may question exactly how long one should wait until it is safe for them to get behind the wheel again. The answer to this question may be difficult to define for the average driver, yet for those who drive professionally, the standards are quite clear. Thus, if you are involved in an accident with a truck or bus driver (and you suspect alcohol may have played a factor), pinpointing whether the driver was in violation of the law might not be overly difficult.

Amazon's impressive delivery speed may create safety hazard

As the world becomes increasingly focused on ways to get things done faster, more efficiently and with less physical output from consumers, innovative ways of transporting necessities are becoming commonplace. In Louisiana, one may notice an increase in contracted delivery drivers who are tasked with getting packages to the people that ordered them in record time. While a worthwhile goal, one has to wonder if the accomplishment of that objective is actually coming at a cost. 

The sorry state of America’s bus systems

Every motor vehicle accident in Louisiana is a bad one. Even if it is just a minor scrape or a fender bender, it creates an inconvenience for the parties involved and may decrease the value of the car. Of all the many accidents drivers fear, however, commercial vehicle accidents stand at the top of the list.

Are lane departure warning systems perfect?

When you approach a big commercial truck on a New Orleans road, it is natural to be a little concerned about getting close to such a large vehicle. Many motorists try to stay away from big trucks for fear that the truck may swerve into their lane. However, ExtremeTech explains that in recent years technology has offered trucks or any vehicle the ability to help keep vehicles in their lanes if they should drift out of them. These systems have proven to be helpful, but they are not completely perfect in practice.

Recovering from a limousine accident

Traffic wrecks occur in all sorts of ways, and some are especially unexpected. For example, someone may rent a limousine to celebrate a wedding, a recent graduation or a prom. While this is supposed to be a memorable time in an unforgettable vehicle, some people find themselves involved in a crash. Sadly, these accidents can prove fatal and they have also caused many victims to sustain injuries. Limousines are often on the road at night, which can be especially dangerous as well.

How can garbage truck accidents be prevented?

On the road, there are many risk factors that threaten the lives of drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Sometimes, less common risks, such as a negligent garbage truck driver, can be especially concerning. On the other hand, the reckless actions of someone else, such as an intoxicated motorcyclist, can also result in a garbage truck driver becoming injured or killed in an accident. As a result, it is pivotal for garbage truck drivers and those who find themselves near a garbage truck to review some precautionary measures that can reduce the chances of a mishap occurring.

Amtrak 's problems continue

Amtrak has experienced a number of accidents over the last few months, and people in Louisiana are wondering why. At Bruno & Bruno, we are extremely concerned about accidents involving commercial transportation as they can result in major injuries. The latest train crashes resulted in multiple injuries and a number of fatalities, and Amtrak is investigating why these crashes occurred and what can be done to prevent future issues. 

Respondeat superior explained

A majority of the commercial vehicles you see driving in and around New Orleans tend to be much larger than traditional cars, trucks and SUVs to allow them to accomplish their specific purposes. Those that we here at Bruno & Bruno have worked with that have been involved in commercial vehicle accidents can attest to the fact that the added size of makes these vehicles much more destructive. If you have been involved in such an accident, then you are likely facing inordinate expenses (such as medical bills and vehicle repair costs). The question is who should be held liable? 

How many people are hurt or killed in commercial vehicle wrecks?

Traffic accidents take many forms, whether they involve a motorcycle, a small vehicle, or a bicycle. However, commercial vehicle accidents can be especially dangerous, for different reasons. Sometimes, commercial vehicles are particularly large and their massive size can have more dire consequences or be more difficult for a driver to manage. Also, some commercial vehicle drivers may become tired due to working for long periods of time. In New Orleans, and other parts of Louisiana, it is pivotal for people to realize how dangerous these collisions are and the number of fatalities and injuries they cause.

Moving forward after a commercial vehicle wreck

Whether you were hit by a garbage truck, delivery truck, someone who was driving a company car or were involved in some other type of commercial vehicle accident, the consequences can be very tough. Bruno & Bruno understands the multitude of challenges that arise for commercial vehicle accident victims in New Orleans and cities across all of Louisiana. If you are in this position, focusing on recovery should be a top priority.