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Posts tagged "Maritime law"

The right approach for people injured at sea

Admiralty and maritime law addresses the application of law for incidents that occur on navigable waters. Navigable waters are oceans, lakes and rivers that allow commercial shipping activities. Although the impact of injuries that occur on navigable waters are similar to those that occur on land, admiralty and maritime law can be much more complex in its application to such events.

Impacts and damages resulting from oil spills in water

Oil spills can have a devastating impact on the health of those nearby, as well as on the surrounding environment. Those that occur on offshore oilrigs can additionally contaminate the body of water in which the rig is located and impair the health of wildlife living in the area. When such a spill occurs, there are various legal actions that can result.

What injuries can occur on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are a popular method of travel for those in Louisiana who seek a vacation on the water. The majority of these getaways occur without incident. However, there are certain instances in which travelers may become ill or injured as a result of actions of the ship operator or staff. Many people may wonder what types of injuries can occur on a cruise ship, and what law governs any ensuing claims?

Claims for injuries sustained on a cruise ship

Those in New Orleans, Louisiana are familiar with waterways and the various forms of travel that occur on them. One of the more popular methods of maritime travel is by cruise ship. Like any method of transportation, cruises have their own inherent risks for passengers. Although many of the potential injuries may be considered minor, the more severe injuries may give rise to a potential claim for compensation.

Who regulates and what is the 'Jones Act' in Louisiana?

When ships are out on the sea there are rules that apply to them as if they were on land. Some of these rules are internationally recognized and adhered to. Others are tailored specifically to a country. The Jones Act is a U.S. enacted law that aims at protecting the lives and safety of people traveling the high seas. While the following information is not meant to be legal advice, if you have been injured in an accident at sea it is important to have a basic understanding of admiralty and maritime law before beginning the claim process.

How does admiralty law govern cruise ship injury?

Most Louisiana residents who board a cruise ship are looking for a fun vacation and a time to relax. People boarding cruise ships rarely think about what kind of danger they could be in or what kind of accidents could happen while on a cruise. Unfortunately, accidents on cruise ships happen often. It is good to know what admiralty law is and how it affects cruise ship passengers from Louisiana.

Crane crushes tugboat wheelhouse, killing captain

Since so many New Orleans residents make a living on the water, it's unavoidable that there will be accidents. For those who are injured on the water, there can be hefty medical expenses, the possible need for long-term care and trouble returning to work. These injuries can happen to tugboat crew members, and they often happen without warning.