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Posts tagged "Products Liability"

What is the role of the FDA in a consumer product recall?

When consumers receive word that a harmful product is on the shelves, it is often through media reports that may arrive too late. In some instances, consumers may have already been injured due to a dangerous or defective product. For this reason, speedy recalls are critical when it is discovered that a product may pose harm.

Product liability suit focuses on celebrity haircare line

This time of year, consumer products are typically at the top of many Louisiana residents' lists as they finish that last-minute holiday shopping. Some might have thought about giving popular beauty products as gifts, although a recent report about a hair care line might have many thinking twice about dangerous products. According to hundreds of women, the hair product Wen not only fails to work as promised but also has caused hair to fall out, break and become discolored.

Liability and damages for defective vehicle claims

Products that are unsafe or defective can have widespread impact if they are put on the market for consumers to use. New Orleans consumers are often unaware that a product is defective until it is too late, and they have been severely injured by it. This is the case for many products, including motor vehicles. Based on their prevalent usage, high speeds and the fact that they contain gasoline and electronics, motor vehicles can pose a significant danger if they are not designed or built properly.

At least 5 Louisianans suffer illness from tainted cucumbers

When residents of Louisiana consider the potential risks of a dangerous product, they often don't realize how foods can cause them harm. With naturally grown items, fruits and vegetables, the worry about dangerous food products will not come to might as possibly causing problems. However, there are times when even foods that are supposed to be healthy can cause damage, consumer injury and even consumer death. When this occurs, those who have been affected need to know what to do after it has happened.

What are manufacturing defects and how are they proven?

There are various ways in which consumer products can be defective or dangerous for their intended use. Flaws in the design of a product may make it inherently dangerous, while inadequate warnings may expose consumers to unknown dangers. Products that are properly designed and have appropriate warnings may still be found to be defective if they are improperly manufactured or damaged in the manufacturing process.

Those injured by a dangerous product can seek legal help

Consumers in New Orleans, Louisiana, have a certain expectation regarding the safety of the products that they purchase and use. If they use products responsibly and as intended, they should be able to trust that the manufacturer and seller of the product have taken the necessary care to ensure their safety while using it.

Products liability application to defective medical device claims

Louisiana residents that are injured by a dangerous or defective medical device may be entitled to seek damages under a products liability claim. Such devices include surgical implants, prosthetic devices and hearing aids, among many others. Products liability claims can be complex, however, so those pursuing such a claim should ensure that they have appropriate evidence and testimony to support their assertion.

Classification of a product as unavoidably unsafe for use

Unsafe or defective products cause thousands of injuries across the country each year. Manufacturers and sellers are responsible for ensuring the safety of consumers using their products, and must warn them of any possible dangers. Failing to meet this responsibility can lead to significant liability for the manufacturer.

Can children still be exposed to lead poisoning?

In the past, the poisoning of children from lead was a significant health hazard. The use of lead was prevalent in toys, paint and other household products. When children are exposed to lead, it can cause various developmental and health issues. Children are more at risk from the effects of lead than adults as their bodies absorb it more quickly and they are still developing. Since the use of lead has been banned and its use has become significantly scarcer, many may wonder if lead poisoning can still occur?

New study asserts self-driving vehicle takeover by mid-century

Many New Orleans residents have probably heard about the furor to get self-driving cars out on the road. It may sound like a science fiction movie, but these vehicles are more of a reality than many people may know. Autonomous (or self-driving) cars have been tested for a couple of years, and some states are modifying their laws so that they can be tested on their streets. There have been many promising results, and according to a new study, these promising early days will foster a sweeping change in the future.