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Posts tagged "Truck Accidents"

Were you hurt in a truck accident in New Orleans?

As a popular tourist destination and commercial hub, New Orleans is a busy city with heavy traffic. There are a large number of commercial vehicles and semi trucks traveling through and in the city at any given time, and occupants of smaller vehicles may be at a higher risk of suffering injuries because of a truck-auto collision.

Tractor-trailer strikes tree, injuring six at New Orleans parade

New Orleans is famous for its parades, festivities and memorable celebrations. When things go wrong at these events, the result is often the same as it would be anywhere else: disappointment, confusion and the need to hold parties accountable for their negligence.

How does fatigue impact commercial truck drivers?

There are various reasons for why truck accidents occur. At times, drivers of passenger vehicles are at fault, although the truck drivers, or their employers, may be responsible for others. The most common causes of truck accidents for which the truck driver is at fault include inadequate training, the encouragement of faster speeds and more hours of work, and the application of excessive schedule demands and expectations on drivers. Each of these issues introduces safety concerns that would otherwise not be present.

Fatigue is a major cause of truck accidents

Truck accidents are violent events that put innocent drivers' lives as risk. Due to the massive size of commercial trucks and semi tractor-trailers, the federal government has placed regulations on how long truck drivers may operate their rigs before they must stop and rest. These regulations are designed to protect New Orleans residents and other people throughout the country from the dangerous problem of truck driver fatigue.

What are the most common causes of commercial truck accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents that involve commercial trucks have the potential to result in more severe injuries than other accidents. This is the result of the significant size of these trucks relative to typical passenger vehicles, in addition to the sometimes dangerous cargo that these trucks haul. Because of this potential, it is incumbent upon truck drivers and other drivers to be attentive and careful in their actions when sharing the road with each other.

Helping clients through truck accident claims

Motor vehicle accidents are an inherent and unfortunate aspect of driving. The effects of these accidents are exacerbated when one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck. The relative size of a truck compared to standard passenger vehicles creates the potential for severe injuries for those involved. It is therefore incumbent upon all drivers, especially truck drivers, to focus on the safe operation of their vehicle at all times while on the road.

Woman strikes fuel tanker and is charged with negligent homicide

When a vehicle and a truck are involved in a fatal car accident, many times people look to the truck driver for fault. However, that isn't always the case. Regular vehicles can cause car accidents as quickly and as easily as truck drivers. Tragedy struck New Orleans last week when a woman driving the wrong way struck an oil tanker head-on, causing a fatal explosion.