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Posts tagged "car collision"

Vehicle lands in lake after car accident on Causeway

Car accidents generally involve vehicles colliding into each other. All around New Orleans small fender benders and car collisions that do not cause injuries happen with regularity and throw annoying delays into people's days. However, some accidents are so severe that not only do vehicles collide with each other but they also leave roadways and crash into other objects and landscapes.

Car accident leaves one man dead and police searching for driver

When individuals are driving throughout the state of Louisiana, they probably expect they will encounter other vehicles traveling the roadways such as passenger cars, motorcycles and commercial trucks. However, sometimes other unexpected vehicles may also make an appearance. It is important that drivers are always exercising the necessary level of care and watching for all types of vehicles and pedestrians or there may be an unnecessary car accident.

Do Louisiana teens understand the severity of impaired driving?

Readers of this blog may be aware that car accidents are a concern on the roadways of Louisiana, just as they are in many states across the country. These car collisions can lead to serious injuries and, in the most tragic situations, even death. Now research is showing that youth driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is causing numerous injuries and deaths. What makes this statistic even scarier? The detrimental impact of such behaviors seems to fall on deaf teenage ears.

Woman killed in car accident due to crash with speeding driver

Drivers in New Orleans need to be cognizant of other drivers on the road in order to avoid a car accident. There are times, however, when a car collision occurs as a result of the carelessness of another. This often happens due to a speeding driver. This type of accident can result in severe injuries and even death.

Chain reaction car accident kills one and injures others

Sometimes the roads of Louisiana are busy, and that means there will be traffic. However, at times, this traffic builds up suddenly and unexpectedly, and individuals have trouble stopping in time. When one person does not stop in time, it can often lead to a chain reaction of others not stopping in time. This seems to be exactly what happened recently in a chain reaction car accident that occurred in Ascension Parish in Louisiana.

3 car accidents lead to fatalities in 1 weekend

Sometimes the streets of New Orleans can be a dangerous place for pedestrians and those traveling in vehicles. This seemed to be the case over a recent weekend when three people were killed in separate car accidents.

Member of Louisiana Racing Commission killed in car accident

A tragic accident that occurred recently in Louisiana has left some community members, as well as employees of the Racing Commission, shocked at their loss. The car collision resulted from a sudden lane change. This unexpected and sudden movement by one driver led to the untimely and unfortunate death of another.

Serious injuries and death in New Orleans accident

Two men in New Orleans who were practicing to participate in an upcoming Ironman competition had those dreams shattered in an instant, when they were struck by a vehicle, while biking on the roads. One of the men, a 36-year-old was tragically killed in the accident. The other, a 40-year-old man, survived, but suffered serious injuries and is in the hospital receiving treatment.