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Causes and consequences associated with distracted driving

To avoid causing unnecessary and preventable car accidents, it is incumbent upon all drivers to use appropriate judgment and focus while operating their vehicles. A failure to do so may evidence negligence on a driver's behalf and expose that person to significant liability for any injuries that are caused as a result.

Who is responsible for dog bite injuries?

The concept of premises liability holds property owners financially liable for injuries that occur on their property due to a dangerous condition that they were aware of or should have known about. Most Louisiana residents may think of slip-and-fall injuries, or those caused by falling objects when they think of premises liability claims. However, such a claim may exist for dog bites as well under certain circumstances. Many people may be curious to know then, what are the requirements of a dog bite premises liability claim, and are any defenses available to property owners for such a claim?

Proving liability in automobile design defect cases

Products liability claims can result from manufacturing defects or failures in providing adequate warnings on products sold to consumers. Some of the most dangerous defects, and those with the most widespread impact, are those involving motor vehicles. When a Louisiana resident is injured or killed due to a defective vehicle, the designer can be held accountable in a products liability lawsuit.

Louisiana woman killed by car after previous accident

Drivers must always be attentive when operating their vehicle, but especially so in the presence of pedestrians. Regardless of the reasoning for the pedestrian's presence on the road, a driver must be careful in their actions around the pedestrian as they have a relatively lower amount of protection in a collision.

Experienced New Orleans lawyers for premises liability claims

Owners of real property in Louisiana have a responsibility to keep the premises safe from known dangers, or those they should be aware of. This obligation applies to both residential and commercial property owners. The degree of care that the premises owner owes to others entering the property is typically dependent the classification of the visitor.

When is a warning required on a dangerous product?

There are often lawsuits that may stem from injuries sustained as a result of a defect in the creation or design of a product. These lawsuits are initiated by products liability claims. However, many may be surprised to find out that a product with no design or manufacturing flaws may still give rise to a legal claim. Such claims result when improper or inadequate warnings or instructions are provided for the product and there is a foreseeable risk of injury from its use. Many may wonder what necessitates a product warning, and who are the responsible parties for creating and abiding by such warnings?

Bruno & Bruno assists Louisianans with premises liability cases

Louisiana residents entering the property of another are entitled to certain protections from dangerous conditions that may exist on the property. These protections are extended to those entering residential property, as well as commercial property. Therefore, both businesses and homeowners have a duty to prevent or correct hazardous conditions that may exist on their property.

Driver killed in New Orleans car accident

Drivers understand that they have certain responsibilities for the safety of others while operating their vehicles. If they are unable to fulfill these obligations, unnecessarily dangerous conditions may be created that can result in injury to others. When this occurs, the consequences can be significant and those who are injured may be able to receive compensation from the party at fault.

Bruno & Bruno attorneys advocate for those injured on property

People enter the property of others for various reasons, including attending parties, performing work or shopping, among many others. When they do so, they have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe on the property and that the property will be free from dangerous conditions. When this is not the case, the property owner may expose themselves to significant liability for any ensuing injuries.

New Orleans man injured in slip and fall accident at business

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common and often occur on the residential or commercial premises of another. It is therefore important for property owners to regularly inspect their premises and repair any issues that may create an unnecessary potential for injury for visitors.