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Posts tagged "injury"

Proving liability in automobile design defect cases

Products liability claims can result from manufacturing defects or failures in providing adequate warnings on products sold to consumers. Some of the most dangerous defects, and those with the most widespread impact, are those involving motor vehicles. When a Louisiana resident is injured or killed due to a defective vehicle, the designer can be held accountable in a products liability lawsuit.

When is a warning required on a dangerous product?

There are often lawsuits that may stem from injuries sustained as a result of a defect in the creation or design of a product. These lawsuits are initiated by products liability claims. However, many may be surprised to find out that a product with no design or manufacturing flaws may still give rise to a legal claim. Such claims result when improper or inadequate warnings or instructions are provided for the product and there is a foreseeable risk of injury from its use. Many may wonder what necessitates a product warning, and who are the responsible parties for creating and abiding by such warnings?

Can firearms be defective?

Most New Orleans residents know how dangerous guns can be, and many people are injured or killed each year by firearms. But what happens when a person is not directly responsible for those injuries? Depending on the situation, those who have suffered injuries from a firearm may want to explore the different types of product defects that may be responsible for a firearm accident.

What protections are afforded by product liability law?

Consumers entrust manufacturers and other businesses to provide them with safe products for their use. When they fail to do so and customers are injured as a result, they should be held accountable. What circumstances allow a consumer to impose such liability?

Who is responsible for injury suffered from a defective product?

Millions of products are sold Louisiana consumers daily. Many of these products make life easier by allowing us to do something we couldn't otherwise do without that product. Usually everything operates as it should and the buyer is satisfied. However, as you may already have experienced, sometimes products don't operate as they should. This could result in an injury that, by law, may hold the manufacturer responsible.

Drop-side crib ban under product liability law

It's hard to imagine that a place that should be one of the safest for an infant can potentially be the most dangerous. This is true of certain types of cribs specifically designed for ease of access by the parent. There are several reasons that these cribs are deemed unsafe by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, or CPSC. There is a product recall on certain types of cribs because they are deemed unsafe.

Product liability definition and types of product defects

Residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, are buying products in stores and numerous other locations day in and day out. Any product that is purchased could potentially be dangerous in one way or another. Some products are inherently dangerous, while others may be unexpectedly dangerous. When a dangerous product or defective product causes consumer injury or death, that injured party or his or her loved ones may be able to recover compensation. However, the ability to receive compensation hinges on the regulations set forth by products liability legislation.

Man injured in gun accident files product liability lawsuit

Many residents of Louisiana own guns. Responsible gun owners know that all guns present inherent dangers that an individual must appreciate in order to avoid injury while the gun is being used. But when a gun malfunctions or is manufactured in a way that creates dangers beyond those that are inherent in the product, the manufacturer may be liable for any resulting injuries.

Louisiana files lawsuit against defective drug manufacturer

Residents of Louisiana and readers of this blog have likely heard about defective products that cause injuries to the consumers who have purchased them. When a dangerous product leaves one or more individuals with an injury, it may often lead to a products liability lawsuit. The injured party or their loved ones usually file these lawsuits.

Lawsuits on the rise; defective device causes serious injury

There are likely many women in New Orleans, as there are across the country, that are looking for the perfect birth control to prevent pregnancy or for other medical reasons. Some may have heard of the birth control known as Mirena. Mirena is an inter-uterine form of birth control that its makers claim is over 99 percent effective, convenient, lightens periods and lasts for up to five years. However, once women hear about the litigation that is unfolding regarding this birth control device, they may want to consider whether the benefits really outweigh the costs.