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Posts tagged "negligence"

Bruno & Bruno can assist those injured in a truck accident

The potential of a motor vehicle accident is an inherent risk taken by all drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The ensuing injuries can be significant and potentially life-threatening, depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision. The potential for severe injuries and fatalities is increased when commercial trucks are involved. The relative size of these vehicles compared to passenger cars, as well as their potentially dangerous cargo, often make the resulting damages worse than other accidents.

Claims for injuries sustained on a cruise ship

Those in New Orleans, Louisiana are familiar with waterways and the various forms of travel that occur on them. One of the more popular methods of maritime travel is by cruise ship. Like any method of transportation, cruises have their own inherent risks for passengers. Although many of the potential injuries may be considered minor, the more severe injuries may give rise to a potential claim for compensation.

BP offshore drilling catastrophe has spurred legislation.

After the massive oil rig spill near Louisiana's Gulf Coast a few years ago, many may be wondering if any new legislation has been passed. Related legislation could help regulate the health and safety of workers killed or injured on drilling rigs, citizens or the environment. As you may recall, BP was the company behind the spill which claimed the lives of 11 workers and spilled millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Louisiana has passed an interesting bit of legislation related to devastating incidents such as this.

How does admiralty law govern cruise ship injury?

Most Louisiana residents who board a cruise ship are looking for a fun vacation and a time to relax. People boarding cruise ships rarely think about what kind of danger they could be in or what kind of accidents could happen while on a cruise. Unfortunately, accidents on cruise ships happen often. It is good to know what admiralty law is and how it affects cruise ship passengers from Louisiana.

Louisiana truck accident results in fatal injuries

When a car accident occurs in Louisiana, there is the potential for a horrific and tragic outcome. This is especially true when the sizes of the vehicles involved in the crash vary greatly from one another. A crash that recently occurred in Louisiana involved a commercial motor vehicle that resulted in serious injuries.

Multi-semi accident in Louisiana leaves two fatally injured

As readers of this blog may have seen, previous postings have discussed the dangerous nature of accidents that involve commercial motor vehicles, such as 18-wheelers. In many of these postings, the individuals that suffer serious injuries are those in the smaller vehicles. However, that is not always the case, as was proven by a recent 18-wheeler accident that occurred near Baton Rouge, which left two people fatally injured.

Three-truck crash spills 30,000 pounds of coffee beans

When it comes to incidents on the roadways, many of them are very unexpected and shocking. They can involve numerous vehicles and even massive trucks making large shipments across the country. This could mean a dangerous and huge accident site along with serious injuries and severe damage.