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Products Liability Archives

GM issues another recall over defective vehicles

Louisiana residents rely on many products in their everyday lives. In particular, motor vehicles are frequently used to make sure people can quickly get from one place to another. However, cars and trucks are trusted to not only get people from point A to point B, but to do so safely. People need to feel like they can drive while being free from defects that could put them or their family in danger.

Lawsuits on the rise; defective device causes serious injury

There are likely many women in New Orleans, as there are across the country, that are looking for the perfect birth control to prevent pregnancy or for other medical reasons. Some may have heard of the birth control known as Mirena. Mirena is an inter-uterine form of birth control that its makers claim is over 99 percent effective, convenient, lightens periods and lasts for up to five years. However, once women hear about the litigation that is unfolding regarding this birth control device, they may want to consider whether the benefits really outweigh the costs.

General Motors' massive recall and product liability

As Louisiana owners of General Motors cars are no doubt aware, GM recent recalled more than 1.62 million of its vehicles due to a problem with their ignition systems that has been implicated in at least 31 accidents and 12 deaths. The company now faces numerous investigations into its handling of the affair, and could face large fines if it is found to have delayed responding to reports of safety issues. Japanese automaker recently agreed to pay a record $1.2 billion in penalties to settle investigations into its actions in a safety scandal of its own.

New study asserts self-driving vehicle takeover by mid-century

Many New Orleans residents have probably heard about the furor to get self-driving cars out on the road. It may sound like a science fiction movie, but these vehicles are more of a reality than many people may know. Autonomous (or self-driving) cars have been tested for a couple of years, and some states are modifying their laws so that they can be tested on their streets. There have been many promising results, and according to a new study, these promising early days will foster a sweeping change in the future.