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Car Accidents Archives

Suspected drunk driver causes deadly accident in New Orleans

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk driving accidents are a common part of daily life in America, even despite the many different efforts by law enforcement officials and government agencies to highlight the extreme danger this behavior poses. Every year thousands of people are severely injured, or even killed, in auto accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Understanding the danger of drivers running red lights

There are many reasons why a driver in Louisiana might be involved in a car accident. One reason that a car collision can occur is also one of the most egregious - running a red light. The reason traffic lights are in place is to keep traffic organized and safe. If a negligent driver does not adhere to the law and causes and accident, there can be terrible aftereffects. Research and attempts to reduce the frequency of drivers going through red lights are being conducted to end this dangerous act.

Louisiana man killed in motor vehicle accident at intersection

Drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians all take on a certain amount of danger when on the roadway. It is therefore imperative that all drivers pay attention and follow the rules of the road when operating their vehicle to ensure the safety of themselves and others as much as possible. The failure to do so can result in an accident that causes serious injuries for all involved.

New Orleans police officer suffers serious injuries in accident

Law enforcement officials serve a critical role in keeping New Orleans' neighborhoods safe. From patrolling and investigating reports of crime to ensuring that the roads are safe for drivers and their passengers, police officers wear many hats within the community. It is always tragic when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty, and just recently one of New Orleans law enforcement veteran's sustained serious injuries in an on-duty incident.

Pedestrian struck in car accident while standing in the street

Pedestrians are in a vulnerable position on the road. This can lead to more serious injuries to pedestrians if they are involved in a motor vehicle accident. It is therefore incumbent on drivers to be attentive when operating their vehicle, but also for pedestrians to watch out for their own safety.

Man killed by passing vehicle on New Orleans highway

Highways are typically an unsafe location for pedestrians as they are exposed to danger from cars traveling at high rates of speed. However, there are times when it is necessary for a pedestrian to be on or near a highway. At such times, it is important for the pedestrian and any drivers within the vicinity to take care in their actions to avoid colliding with each other.

Causes and consequences associated with distracted driving

To avoid causing unnecessary and preventable car accidents, it is incumbent upon all drivers to use appropriate judgment and focus while operating their vehicles. A failure to do so may evidence negligence on a driver's behalf and expose that person to significant liability for any injuries that are caused as a result.

Louisiana woman killed by car after previous accident

Drivers must always be attentive when operating their vehicle, but especially so in the presence of pedestrians. Regardless of the reasoning for the pedestrian's presence on the road, a driver must be careful in their actions around the pedestrian as they have a relatively lower amount of protection in a collision.

Driver killed in New Orleans car accident

Drivers understand that they have certain responsibilities for the safety of others while operating their vehicles. If they are unable to fulfill these obligations, unnecessarily dangerous conditions may be created that can result in injury to others. When this occurs, the consequences can be significant and those who are injured may be able to receive compensation from the party at fault.

Louisiana pedestrian killed by pickup on shoulder of road

Drivers are required to apply appropriate care in their actions on the road. This is especially important when sharing the road with pedestrians. Pedestrians typically are subject to more significant injuries in these accidents as they have a relative lack of safety features as compared with vehicles, which can create more extensive liability for those at fault.