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Car Accidents Archives

Serious injuries and death in New Orleans accident

Two men in New Orleans who were practicing to participate in an upcoming Ironman competition had those dreams shattered in an instant, when they were struck by a vehicle, while biking on the roads. One of the men, a 36-year-old was tragically killed in the accident. The other, a 40-year-old man, survived, but suffered serious injuries and is in the hospital receiving treatment.

Woman dies in Baton Rouge chain-reaction car accident

As residents of Louisiana are likely aware, there are always dangers when traveling the roadways. The risks present themselves as negligent drivers, poor weather and treacherous road conditions. Oftentimes, when these dangers are present they can lead to an injurious or a fatal car accident.

Bicycle accident in New Orleans kills 50-year-old man

As residents of Louisiana are very aware, people get around in all sorts of ways. Usually it is by car, but sometimes it's via public transportation, motorcycles or bicycles. This mix of modes can sometimes lead to an unexpected accident, whether it is a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident. These collisions often cause serious injury or worse for one or more involved individuals.

New study finds conflicting information about elderly drivers

It is commonly held belief that teen drivers and elderly drivers are two of the most accident-prone demographics on the road. Elderly driving, in particular, has been a divisive safety topic in recent years. What is the right thing to do with elderly drivers? Should a license limit be put in place, forcing people to give up their licenses at a certain age? Should stricter requirements and tests be implemented to ensure that older drivers are safe enough to be on the road? Or should things stay the way they are, allowing people the freedom to choose whether they want to drive or not?

Ride-sharing companies could come under increased pressure

One recent change in the motor vehicle world that has its roots in mobile technology is the advent of freelance taxi services, or "transportation network companies." These companies create a mobile-based app that allows users to connect with drivers that contract with the company. Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are examples of these ride-sharing companies, who contract with drivers to provide a taxi service.

Revealing figures in new study on drunk and 'buzzed' driving

People in New Orleans have read their fair share of drunk driving accident stories in the news. Really, anyone across the country has read about one or ten (or hundreds) of such stories. The crucial factor in these stories is that many of us have been in a similar situation to the unfortunate souls who decide to drive drunk. Maybe we weren't legally drunk; in fact, we may have only had one drink; but we still got in the car and drove while alcohol was in our system. There's nothing wrong with that so long as we're under 0.08, right?

Speeding driver, passenger die in Louisiana crash

Two women were killed in Louisiana over the weekend after their car struck a concrete object at a rate of speed that is currently being presumed to be high. The two women, aged 35 and 31, were driving down Interstate when their vehicle suddenly turned left and struck the object. It is unknown why the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle, but a toxicology test is being performed.

Car accidents galore as pool employee knowingly creates icy road

A bizarre story of mischief of negligence is making the national rounds, and it has ties to premises liability law and car accidents. New Orleans residents may not have much experience with freezing streets, but the folks in Connecticut (where this story occurred) certainly do -- just not necessarily under these circumstances.