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Premises Liability Archives

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Owners of real property in Louisiana have a responsibility to keep the premises safe from known dangers, or those they should be aware of. This obligation applies to both residential and commercial property owners. The degree of care that the premises owner owes to others entering the property is typically dependent the classification of the visitor.

Louisiana woman injured in apartment slip and fall

Residents of Louisiana apartment buildings, and those entering the home of another person, have an expectation of safety on the property. Owners that fail to provide a safe environment may be exposed to significant financial liability for any ensuing injuries.

Bruno & Bruno assists Louisianans with premises liability cases

Louisiana residents entering the property of another are entitled to certain protections from dangerous conditions that may exist on the property. These protections are extended to those entering residential property, as well as commercial property. Therefore, both businesses and homeowners have a duty to prevent or correct hazardous conditions that may exist on their property.

Bruno & Bruno attorneys advocate for those injured on property

People enter the property of others for various reasons, including attending parties, performing work or shopping, among many others. When they do so, they have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe on the property and that the property will be free from dangerous conditions. When this is not the case, the property owner may expose themselves to significant liability for any ensuing injuries.

New Orleans man injured in slip and fall accident at business

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common and often occur on the residential or commercial premises of another. It is therefore important for property owners to regularly inspect their premises and repair any issues that may create an unnecessary potential for injury for visitors.

Can the government be liable for a slip-and-fall injury?

Slip-and-fall accidents are a frequent occurrence on sidewalks, in stores and on other types of property that people walk on. If the accident occurs on property that is owned by the government, as opposed to a private property owner, is the injured person able to bring an action against the responsible government entity? If so, what are the requirements of such an action?

Advocates for those injured on the premises of another

When individuals enter the property of another, whether residential, business or government property, they have a reasonable expectation of safety. Property owners are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for visitors. A failure to meet this responsibility may result in premises liability for the owner.

Types of 'visitors' according to premises liability

Accidents can happen anytime. But what about when the accident occurs on someone else's property? Does the property owner have any responsibility to the injured to maintain a certain level of safety? These are important questions one may ask themselves when they suffer an injury due to an accident on private or public property.

Woman sues Sam's Club for injury caused by empty pallet

When patrons of stores in Louisiana and other states across the country shop they expect that the conditions will be safe and that they will not be injured as they complete the purpose of their trip. If someone is injured on another person's property they may be entitled to compensation. A woman who was recently injured at a Sam's Club store in Louisiana has sued the massive retailer for her injuries.

Family of man electrocuted on job site sues New Orleans

Under Louisiana law, property owners have a duty to perform routine maintenance and repair to reduce the risk that visitors may be hurt in an accident on their property. This legal theory is known as premises liability, and it can be an important way to make sure that the people are compensated for medical expenses and other damages after they are hurt in a preventable accident at a grocery store, restaurant or other property. However, premises liability can be a highly complex issue, especially when it interacts with other legal theories.