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Premises Liability Archives

Woman suffers slip-and-fall injury at Louisiana casino

A woman has sued Louisiana A-1 Gaming and the Boomtown Belle Casino and their insurer for injuries sustained after a slip-and-fall accident at a Louisiana casino. According to the plaintiff's allegations, she went to a buffet-style dinner at the facility in April of 2013. There was a "caution wet floor" sign by the table at which she was seated but she left the table multiple times and didn't have any trouble.

Louisiana woman suing casino for slip-and-fall accident

In Louisiana, property owners have certain legal obligations that must be met. One of these obligations is to maintain the safety of their property for others. If the property is not maintained accordingly and an individual is injured while on the property, the property owner may owe them compensation in the form of personal injury damages to assist them in recovering from their injuries.

Slip-and-fall in Louisiana casino leads to lawsuit

Everyone expects to enter a safe building when they go shopping, or stay at a hotel, or go to work -- really, it is a basic expectation that anyone has when they enter almost any building. This may seem insignificant, but terrible accidents can occur when building managers or maintenance crews fail to uphold safety protocols for their patrons.

Slip and falls can be very dangerous for unsuspecting customers

In late 2012, a woman was walking out of a storage center. She entered the parking lot and stepped in a puddle, promptly falling and presumably injuring herself. The woman has since filed a petition to get depositions from anyone who worked on a cooling unit at the storage center that allegedly leaked and caused water to pool in the parking lot.