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Truck Accidents Archives

Elements of rollover trucking accidents

Residents in New Orleans have possible driven by a truck accident site at some point in their life. These massive vehicles can not only possibly cause a major accident, but could also lead to serious and even fatal injuries. A negligent truck driver can somtimes be the cause of a rollover truck crash, which is why it is important that trucking companies and truck drivers are aware of safety measures and accident prevention training.

Bruno & Bruno can assist those injured in a truck accident

The potential of a motor vehicle accident is an inherent risk taken by all drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The ensuing injuries can be significant and potentially life-threatening, depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision. The potential for severe injuries and fatalities is increased when commercial trucks are involved. The relative size of these vehicles compared to passenger cars, as well as their potentially dangerous cargo, often make the resulting damages worse than other accidents.

Woman strikes fuel tanker and is charged with negligent homicide

When a vehicle and a truck are involved in a fatal car accident, many times people look to the truck driver for fault. However, that isn't always the case. Regular vehicles can cause car accidents as quickly and as easily as truck drivers. Tragedy struck New Orleans last week when a woman driving the wrong way struck an oil tanker head-on, causing a fatal explosion.

What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

Large commercial motor vehicles that are traveling the roadways of Louisiana and sharing those roadways with smaller passenger vehicles present unique risks that are not created by other types of vehicles. Therefore, these large trucks are held to a higher standard of care than many other vehicles that drive throughout the state. However, this obviously doesn't mean that there is never a truck accident. In fact, 18-wheeler accidents seem to occur quite often and this raises the question: What causes these accidents?

Truck accident results in serious injuries and death

Readers of this blog and residents of Louisiana alike may be familiar with the show "30 Rock." If they are, they are also likely familiar with the actor Tracy Morgan. Unfortunately, the actor was recently involved in a tragic car accident that left him and some of his friends with serious injuries and left another individual dead.

Louisiana truck accident results in fatal injuries

When a car accident occurs in Louisiana, there is the potential for a horrific and tragic outcome. This is especially true when the sizes of the vehicles involved in the crash vary greatly from one another. A crash that recently occurred in Louisiana involved a commercial motor vehicle that resulted in serious injuries.

Multi-semi accident in Louisiana leaves two fatally injured

As readers of this blog may have seen, previous postings have discussed the dangerous nature of accidents that involve commercial motor vehicles, such as 18-wheelers. In many of these postings, the individuals that suffer serious injuries are those in the smaller vehicles. However, that is not always the case, as was proven by a recent 18-wheeler accident that occurred near Baton Rouge, which left two people fatally injured.

Louisiana truck crash leaves at least one injured

As individuals that live across the state of Louisiana are aware, transportation is vital to our way of life. Individuals commute for work, to school, to social function, and for fun. However, not all vehicles are created equal. Semi-trucks dwarf cars and motorcycles, and pedestrians on bikes are no match for a motor vehicle. These size differences can wreak havoc when an accident occurs, leaving individuals injured.

Three-truck crash spills 30,000 pounds of coffee beans

When it comes to incidents on the roadways, many of them are very unexpected and shocking. They can involve numerous vehicles and even massive trucks making large shipments across the country. This could mean a dangerous and huge accident site along with serious injuries and severe damage.

Seemingly sleepy truck driver causes fatal crash

We've all heard about the car accident horror stories where a driver falls asleep at the wheel, thus causing an unfortunate wreck. These wrecks can be terrible ordeals that deal people serious injuries. However, add in a large truck, like a semi, and you have a recipe for disaster.