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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

How can underage drunk driving crashes be prevented?

Whether you are a teen who is concerned about riding in a vehicle with someone who is under the influence of alcohol or are a parent who is worried about your child, it is essential to take a look at different ways that underage drunk driving accidents can be avoided. In New Orleans, and communities all over Louisiana, underage DUI is a serious problem for some young drivers and others on the road. From lost lives and permanent injuries to license suspension, drunk driving can upend life in many ways.

Protecting teen drivers--and everyone on the road around them

Before teenagers get behind the wheel, parents have a responsibility to prepare them for the risks they may face on the roads in Louisiana. Not only do these dangers involve other drivers and hazardous road conditions, they also include issues that teens themselves may create through carelessness, inexperience or poor choices.

How should you drive in winter to keep yourself and others safe?

Winter weather in Louisiana is known for being unpredictable and dangerous, especially in winter. Today, you might need an umbrella and some rain boots, while tomorrow you could find yourself slipping on ice. When you encounter these weather variations on the roads, the results can be deadly.

Medical emergency causes fatal crash in New Orleans

In a city like New Orleans, with a great deal of traffic, much of it driven by out-of-town visitors who may be unfamiliar with the city, and full of pedestrians, crashes involving cars trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are not uncommon. Many are caused by drivers not paying attention to their driving for the typical reasons of alcohol or drugs, distracted by texting or electronics or drowsy from staying up too late.

Lamborghini crash leads to vehicular homicide charges

People often underestimate risk. Many residents of New Orleans would avoid some parts of town because of the perceived risk of crime. But few fully understand the risk presented by their cars and trucks. Some of that is due to familiarity. They drive in their vehicles every day and if they have not suffered a crash, attribute that to their skill and acumen behind the wheel.