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Commercial Vehicle Accidents Archives

How motorists can avoid truck accidents

Now that summer is here, there are more motorists on the roads in Louisiana than usual. Many of those individuals are truck operators who are spending longer hours on the roads to meet delivery and shipment deadlines, earn incentives and get home. These factors and more increase the risk of truck and car accidents. Not all truck accidents are caused by commercial vehicle operators. Other motorists cause them too. According to, vehicles other than trucks cause more than two-thirds of all truck accidents

Many factors affect risk in large truck crashes

The responsibilities of tractor trailer drivers in Louisiana extend far beyond the transportation of goods that is so essential to the nation's economy. The size, weight, ground clearance and cargo of these vehicles often make them serious hazards to others in a crash. Operating them requires more education and instruction than a regular motorist undergoes because they are more difficult to maneuver and stop in unexpected traffic situations.

Seatbelts and school buses

It is a common question asked by parents and community members on a regular basis: Why do school buses not have seat belts? People do not have to ask that question in this state, though, because Louisiana is one of a very few states that actually has a law requiring school buses to have them. According to the Louisiana State Legislature, occupant restraint systems on buses used to transport school children have been required since 2004.

The efforts to help commercial drivers stay awake

Many citizens of Louisiana make their living as commercial truck drivers. These motorists may be faced with unique risks that increase the chance of a crash. Often times, a hazard is related to driver fatigue. Due to this, government officials are making an effort to educate and guide commercial drivers.

What are the common causes of large truck accidents?

Large trucks, which weigh over 10,000 pounds gross, are something you may frequently see on Louisiana roadways. Due to your tractor trailer’s size and weight, it can cause a lot of damage and devastation to a passenger vehicle if you are involved in an accident. It is important to understand that in this type of crash, there is usually more than one factor or cause involved.

Bus heading back from casino kills 13 passengers in crash

In a city like New Orleans, there are many ways of getting around town for tourists and visitors. Some of those include cab rides, using the streetcar, Uber or Lyft, or tour buses. We like to think that all of these options are safe and secure; after all, they carry hundreds of passengers every day, so they must be safe?