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Speeding driver, passenger die in Louisiana crash

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2014 | Car Accidents

Two women were killed in Louisiana over the weekend after their car struck a concrete object at a rate of speed that is currently being presumed to be high. The two women, aged 35 and 31, were driving down Interstate when their vehicle suddenly turned left and struck the object. It is unknown why the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle, but a toxicology test is being performed.

While this crash is a single vehicle accident and though there are few details available about the wreck, there is much to learn from this story. The first aspect is the possible (and likely) speeding that was involved in this crash.

Speeding is a negligent act that potentially makes any driver liable should a car accident occur. Proving this fact may seem tough, but many vehicles nowadays have black box recorders that provide a small amount of information about what was going on prior to a crash. For example, this box can say the speed at which someone was traveling, or if they applied the brakes before the wreck.

Another element to this crash is that both people were wearing their seatbelt. Even though this act did not save their lives, it is still important for all drivers to buckle up when they are driving. It decreases the chance of you suffering serious or fatal injuries. Your seatbelt use (or lack thereof) can also play a role in your insurance company increasing your rates or trying to deny you coverage for the accident.

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