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How to best handle the aftermath of a car accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, your emotions may be high, and you might be full of adrenaline from the events. It can be challenging to handle this trying time on your own, but by understanding a few basic steps, you may be able to limit some of your stress and increase your odds of obtaining the best possible outcome after the unfortunate incident.

If the other driver was at fault -- maybe he or she was using a cell phone while driving -- then that person and his or her insurer may be responsible to compensate you for any property and medical damages. Your actions after the accident could influence the outcome of an eventual settlement. You will definitely want to take actions that support your case while avoiding common errors.

Were you wrongly diagnosed in an ER? It could be malpractice

If you went to the emergency room in Louisiana because you needed immediate medical care, it was likely with the expectation that you would receive quality medical care. While the doctors and nurses are highly trained in emergency medicine and trauma care, mistakes still happen.

Due to the busy nature of an emergency room and the fast pace at which doctors and nurses have to treat patients, there is a risk of receiving medical care that is not up to a certain standard. In some cases, that may mean receiving a misdiagnosis. If you received an incorrect diagnosis in an emergency room and it caused continued or additional medical suffering, you could be the victim of medical malpractice.

Amtrak 's problems continue

Amtrak has experienced a number of accidents over the last few months, and people in Louisiana are wondering why. At Bruno & Bruno, we are extremely concerned about accidents involving commercial transportation as they can result in major injuries. The latest train crashes resulted in multiple injuries and a number of fatalities, and Amtrak is investigating why these crashes occurred and what can be done to prevent future issues. 

According to CNN, there have been four significant accidents involving their trains since December. A train derailed in Washington State in December, killing three people. In January, a North Carolina couple was hit and killed by a train while their SUV was crossing the tracks. Recently, a train full of Congress members was involved in a crash near Charlottesville, Virginia, and the latest accident occurred in South Carolina, killing two and injuring over 100 passengers.

Defective windshield wipers and auto accidents

From drowsy driving to the use of an intoxicating substance, crashes have a myriad of causes. However, some are the result of a defect or something that went wrong with a vehicle, such as brake failure or someone driving around without brake lights. Moreover, other defects which may not seem as significant to some drivers, such as defective windshield wipers, can also lead to a motor vehicle collision. As a driver, it is paramount for you to ensure that your vehicle and all of its key components are working well and maintained properly.

There are many reasons why defective windshield wipers can be dangerous. First of all, when windshield wipers are not working properly, a driver may have a considerable amount of difficulty seeing the road when it is raining or snowing. During moderate weather, a driver may not think that defective windshield wipers are much of a problem and decide to push off addressing the issue. Unfortunately, it might start raining or snowing at some point and they might try to drive regardless, putting lives in danger.

Alcohol and its influence on a person's ability to drive

Operating a motor vehicle is a serious activity that requires complete concentration. While you no doubt are a driver who gives your full attention to the road while driving, you, unfortunately, can only control your own actions, which partially leaves your well-being in the hands of others.

The scary truth is that all it takes is for one person to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking to put everyone else's life in danger. And while the public safety message behind avoiding drunk driving is one everyone has heard loud and clear for years, there are plenty of drivers who risk it -- thinking they either aren't that drunk, or that they are such good drivers that it doesn't matter. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Car seats and motor vehicle collisions

When crashes take place, they can be devastating for the people directly involved and their loved ones. Sadly, this is especially true when young children are involved in a motor vehicle collision, which occurs far too frequently. No matter how safe a parent drives and how many precautions are taken to protect their children, it is impossible to prevent every accident. However, there are certain ways that parents can help protect their young children in the event that a collision does occur, such as ensuring that they are using a proper car seat.

As the parent of a baby or toddler, you have a responsibility to make sure that they are seated in the appropriate car seat. Not only should you review the laws in your state, but you should make sure that you have found the best car seat for your child. In the event that an accident does take place, it is imperative for your young child to be properly seated in a car seat that is right for their size. Tragically, some children have not been buckled in fully or have been placed in car seats that do not fit them, which can significantly increase the chances of the child sustaining an injury or passing away.

Prescription medication and auto accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 2 million people sustain injuries and over 32,000 lives are lost in crashes each year. Many motor vehicle collisions are the result of drunk driving, but there are other dangers that lead to a crash as well, such as the use of prescription drugs. When a driver gets behind the wheel after consuming prescription drugs, the chances of an accident could increase, even if they are following their physician’s instructions. Moreover, some people abuse drugs, such as painkillers, significantly increasing the likelihood of a wreck.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription drugs can lead to dangerous driving in the same way as the consumption of alcohol or illegal substances. Drugged driving remains a serious problem in the U.S. and those who fail to stay off the road when they are intoxicated, even if the intoxication is a result of drugs they need to take, put innocent lives at risk.

Fallout from Amtrak accident

After the Amtrak derailment on Monday, people in Louisiana and around the country are wondering who is at fault and who will be responsible for the casualties. The accident resulted in deaths and a large number of injuries, not to mention property damage to the tracks and vehicles on the highway. Occurring during the morning rush hour, the derailment made national news and has attracted a lot of interest as well as questions as to what exactly happened.

CNN reports the train, carrying 86 passengers, came off the tracks after going around a curve at 80 mph, which was 50 mph faster than the speed limit in that zone. Thirteen of the cars came off the track, some falling onto the busy highway below. Injuries were reported by at least 100 people, and three of the train passengers were killed. The NTSB is investigating the crash, examining aspects such as the train mechanics, operations, track maintenance and human performance. Questions remain as to whether the engineer was distracted due to another conductor or if the absence of positive train control are factors in the crash.

Accident-prone behaviors that place you at risk for injury

You can't predict what every other motorist in your vicinity on Louisiana roadways is going to do at any given moment. In fact, even if you see potential danger looming nearby, there may be little to nothing you can do to avoid a collision. It's never a bad idea, however, to familiarize yourself with the major causes of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury because such knowledge may help keep you and your loved ones safe. There are typically five common factors involved in the majority of crashes.

As a cautious and conscientious driver, you likely already do your best to avoid reckless behaviors every time you get behind the wheel. The problem is that someone who has too much to drink, is under influence of a controlled substance, or fails to adhere to traffic regulations may be next to you or behind you on the highway, which places you in harm's way. The good thing is support is available for those who suffer injury because of other motorists' negligence.

Has an accident injury interfered with your travel plans?

When motor vehicle wrecks take place, they can derail the lives of victims in an array of ways. Sometimes, those hit are not able to survive, while others struggle with complications due to injuries that they suffered in the collision. From hospital bills to pain and lost wages, injuries turn lives upside down. Moreover, our firm knows that these crash injuries can also lead to additional problems, such as interfering with travel plans. Whether you have an overseas vacation coming up or need to travel to another state attend a celebration, it is important to look over your situation carefully.

People travel for all sorts of reasons, whether they want to participate in their child’s wedding, explore another country that they have wanted to visit for years, or attend a funeral that is being held for one of their loved ones who passed away. If possible, it is crucial to prevent the injuries you sustained in an auto accident from upending your life further. However, we know that you may have no choice but to cancel your plans due to injuries you sustained in a wreck. Sadly, this can create additional emotional pain and make you even more upset with a negligent driver who may have thrown your life into chaos. This highlights how crucial it is to look at your legal options.