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The sorry state of America’s bus systems

Every motor vehicle accident in Louisiana is a bad one. Even if it is just a minor scrape or a fender bender, it creates an inconvenience for the parties involved and may decrease the value of the car. Of all the many accidents drivers fear, however, commercial vehicle accidents stand at the top of the list.

This is because commercial vehicles are usually larger, such as trucks and buses. This makes it easier for them to cause more damage. They also travel longer distances, which can lead to bored or sleepy drivers at the wheel.

Drive safe around cyclists

Riding a bike is a good way to get around Louisiana, and there are more cyclists on the road when there is warmer weather. Because bikes are harder to see, there is an increased chance of collisions with other vehicles. To keep things safe, drivers need to understand how to maneuver around bikes, and cyclists also need to take the right precautions to prevent accidents from occurring.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, when there is a collision between a vehicle and a bike, the cyclist is the one who sustains the most, and worst, injuries. Drivers should always yield to bicycles and not underestimate how fast they are going. Drivers should also be especially cautious when turning in an intersection or coming out of a driveway. When making a right turn, vehicle operators should always check their mirrors and look over their right shoulder to make sure there is not a cyclist coming up on the right side. In order to safely share the road, everyone should give cyclists adequate room and only pass when no one is coming in the opposite lane.

How to deal with kids in the car

If you are a parent in Louisiana, you are probably aware of how distracting it can be to drive with your kids in the car. Whether you have a young infant or unruly teenagers, you are at a higher risk of getting into an accident than drivers who are not driving with young ones. The next time you get in the car, there are certain things you can do to improve safety of you and others on the road.

According to Parents, moms and dads make a lot of mistakes when driving, and this can lead to risky behavior. Many are short on sleep, and this fatigue can cause slowed reaction times and even brief periods of sleep while behind the wheel. As a parent, you deal with more distractions than other drivers do. Whether the baby is crying, someone dropped a toy on the floor or a child asks for a snack, taking the eyes off the road for even a little bit can be disastrous.

Simple tips for staying a safe driver

Driving in and around New Orleans is not always a leisurely activity. Many times, you have likely found yourself astounded at people's actions while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, and you probably had a few close calls when someone runs a red light or suddenly turns in front of your vehicle. In some cases, confused tourists can also cause their fair share of problems.

Unfortunately, numerous major accidents happen every year because of seemingly minor issues. In many cases, if drivers had been paying more attention or appropriately following traffic rules and directions, serious crashes could have been avoided.

Do rideshare services require background checks for drivers?

You expect rideshare companies to take all the proper precautions when hiring drivers. While it's true background checks are performed on drivers, many complain that these don't go far enough to establish a person's full history or fitness. CNN explains how popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft conduct their background checks. 

Both companies use third-party services to conduct background checks on prospective drivers. While the exact processes can vary, in most cases checks use a person's social security number and public record searches to determine if there are any significant issues. For instance, Uber won't hire drivers with DUIs or serious moving violations within the last seven years. Felonies involving violent or sexual offenses also prevent drivers from being hired by the company. 

How can I ensure a safe road trip?

With summer practically here, many families in Louisianna are gearing up for an epic road trip. When taking an extended drive in your vehicle, it's important to take the proper safety measures to keep you, your family, and other motorists safe. In this case, State Farm recommends the following summer safety tips. 

Build a roadside emergency kit

Motor vehicle wrecks and panic attacks

When it comes to car accidents, the emotional aspects of a crash should not be overlooked. People often focus on the physical injuries that people sustain in these wrecks, or the financial consequences they face following a collision. However, the emotional toll can be devastating, and strong emotions can even cause motor vehicle crashes in the first place. In this post, we will look into some issues related to panic attacks and traffic accidents.

Following a devastating crash, such as one which has left a victim with a serious injury, those involved may start to suffer from panic attacks. This intense anxiety can strike at various times, whether one is working or on the road, and can be very disruptive. Sometimes, these attacks are so serious that people are not able to resume driving following a crash that has left them mentally scarred.

Are lane departure warning systems perfect?

When you approach a big commercial truck on a New Orleans road, it is natural to be a little concerned about getting close to such a large vehicle. Many motorists try to stay away from big trucks for fear that the truck may swerve into their lane. However, ExtremeTech explains that in recent years technology has offered trucks or any vehicle the ability to help keep vehicles in their lanes if they should drift out of them. These systems have proven to be helpful, but they are not completely perfect in practice.

Lane detection systems have been evolving for some time. Originally, a lane departure system would send a warning to the driver that the vehicle was passing out of a lane. Upgraded systems would automatically steer the vehicle back into a lane. More recent systems proactively attempt to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane, working like an automatic steering system. With the use of mounted cameras, the lane detection system judges the vehicle’s position on the road and acts accordingly.

Auto accidents and new parents

There is a myriad of factors to consider when it comes to motor vehicle collisions and new parents. For example, some people may be more likely to find themselves in a crash after the recent birth of their child, whether they are tired and stressed out or divert their attention to monitor their infant while driving. Parents also need to familiarize themselves with safety guidelines when it comes to car seat use and driving with an infant. On the other hand, parents may also be struck by a reckless driver, which can be especially devastating when a very young child is in the vehicle.

Before taking to the road, parents should always ensure that their infant is placed in his or her car seat properly, and that the car seat is secured in the vehicle correctly. Sadly, some parents do not use car seats appropriately, and this can lead to serious injuries or the loss of their child’s life when a motor vehicle collision takes place. For some parents, especially those who are overwhelmed with work and other responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time to review these matters carefully. However, it is imperative for parents to do all they can to protect their children while driving.

Keeping kids safe in taxis and rideshare vehicles

If you need to travel in a taxi, Uber or Lyft in Louisiana and you have a child with you, you may be wondering what the laws are and how you transport them. Although there are specific laws that dictate you need to use the proper safety restraint in your own vehicle, the rules are less clear in other types of vehicles. If you are traveling with children, it is important to keep them safe even if it is inconvenient for you.

According to, the laws regarding child restraints in a rideshare vehicle in Louisiana are not clear. While the law states that the driver of a vehicle is responsible for ensuring the safety of a child passenger, it does not specify if this extends to rideshare drivers as well. It also does not say if the driver needs to supply the right restraint system. As a parent, however, you should do your best to carry your own car seat or booster, or request a vehicle that has what you need.