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Poor doctor communication leads to misdiagnoses

Going to the doctor is rarely anyone's idea of a good time. However, there are times when it's certainly necessary. Understandably, once you get there -- you hope your doctor is listening to your complaints and taking them all seriously. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are times when a doctor either misunderstands what it is you are saying -- or worse -- is not even really listening to what it is you are saying. When this happens, the outcome can be an incorrect diagnosis and prolonged suffering. 

How often are truck drivers abusing drugs and alcohol?

Sharing the road with large commercial trucks is an inevitable part of life in Louisiana, but studies show that many of the people driving those trucks are engaging in highly dangerous behaviors before or while behind the wheel. While anyone who drinks or abuses drugs before driving endangers everyone who crosses his or her path, commercial truck drivers who do so pose a particularly serious threat to the public due to the sheer size and weight of their vehicles.

According to the American Addiction Centers, truck drivers often have several factors at play that contribute to their decision to use drugs or alcohol on the job. For example, the trucking lifestyle is often a lonely one, and some truckers try to combat their feelings of isolation by turning to liquor or drugs. In other cases, truck drivers are turning to certain types of drugs, among them amphetamines, because they believe they can improve their performance.

Freeways, high speeds and car crashes

Driving on the freeway can be dangerous for a number of reasons, but the fact that vehicles are traveling at very high speeds can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, when a collision occurs in this environment, the outcome can be devastating (especially when compared to accidents that happen on roads where vehicles are traveling much slower). It is important to be extra vigilant when you are driving on a freeway, or at any other time where you or other drivers around you are driving very fast.

On the freeway, an accident may happen while a driver is trying to switch lanes. For example, someone who is reckless and careless may not leave enough room between their car and another vehicle, or they may not use their turn signals. Someone may be driving at a reckless speed, whether they are trying to reach new limits in a sports car or participate in an illegal street race, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. In fact, a driver may even head into oncoming traffic while traveling down the wrong side of the freeway, which can be absolutely terrifying.

Mental strength after a work-related traffic wreck

If you were recently involved in a work-related accident that occurred while you were driving, our law firm is fully aware of the different challenges you may be going through. An inability to pay bills due to lost wages, medical costs, serious and debilitating injuries and mental trauma are just some of the hardships that those who are involved in job-related traffic crashes may face. However, it is important for you to stay focused on your recovery, and part of this involves having mental strength. The consequences of these accidents can be mentally draining but taking the right approach afterward (and having the right mindset) could be very beneficial.

It is important to stay committed to seeking justice if a reckless driver caused the accident, or you were involved in the crash because of someone else’s wrongdoing. You should be aware of every legal option you have, from workers’ comp to filing suit, and you should not hesitate to stand up for your rights. It can be difficult to stay positive after such a terrible accident, but you should not lose hope or give up. Unfortunately, some people have failed to secure all the benefits that they were entitled to because they felt like they could not handle the situation anymore.

Car crashes and tourists

Motor vehicle collisions happen because of poor decisions, but they also take place because people are unable to drive properly for some reason. Fatigue and distractions are common problems, but there are other challenges that may lead to a motor vehicle collision. For example, someone who is driving while they are on a vacation may have an especially high chance of causing an auto accident. Not only do tourists often have little familiarity with local roads (or even the laws of the road, especially for those driving in a new country for the first time), but they can also be extremely tired due to their trip.

If you were hit by someone from out of town, it may be important to make note of this fact if you decide to pursue legal action against them. After the crash, you should exchange information and it may be helpful to note whether they are from another part of the state or country. In certain areas, there are a large number of tourists, especially during particular seasons such as the summertime. During these circumstances, the likelihood of a crash involving someone from another state or country may be much higher.

Driving during a hailstorm

There are many different ways in which mother nature can threaten the safety of everyone on the road, from blizzard conditions and torrential downpours to tornados and hailstorms. Driving in the midst of a hailstorm can be challenging for all sorts of reasons and we will examine some relevant issues in this post. Some parts of the country are especially likely to see hail during the spring, summer and fall, but you should be mindful of these risks no matter where you live. Sadly, weather-related car crashes have resulted in the loss of many lives.

Hail can be very problematic when it comes to driving for multiple reasons. First, many drivers are caught off-guard and find themselves driving during a hailstorm even though they had no idea that inclement weather was heading their way. It can be helpful to monitor weather forecasts, but this does not always guarantee that poor weather conditions will be avoided.

Listening to loud music and driving

Many people enjoy listening to music while they are behind the wheel, whether they like to play a cd from one of their favorite groups or they enjoy listening to a certain radio station. Music can make a trip seem more enjoyable, but it can also be dangerous for various reasons. For example, a driver may become distracted by a particular song, especially if they try to sing along to the lyrics. Moreover, music that is extremely loud can also be distracting.

If you like to listen to music while you drive, it is vital to make sure that you do not become distracted in any way. You may need to turn the music down, or even off, in some instances. Unfortunately, some drivers completely ignore this warning and place lives in danger by trying to drive while allowing music to distract them. It is also important to point out that excessively loud music can also distract other drivers, such as those who are riding alongside a vehicle that is blaring music.

Recovering from a limousine accident

Traffic wrecks occur in all sorts of ways, and some are especially unexpected. For example, someone may rent a limousine to celebrate a wedding, a recent graduation or a prom. While this is supposed to be a memorable time in an unforgettable vehicle, some people find themselves involved in a crash. Sadly, these accidents can prove fatal and they have also caused many victims to sustain injuries. Limousines are often on the road at night, which can be especially dangerous as well.

Whether a limousine driver is operating the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or they drive too fast in order to get to the destination sooner, the reckless behavior of those who drive limousines for a living can be to blame for some of these accidents. At the same time, even the most responsible limousine drivers may become involved in an accident because another driver is behaving recklessly. For example, someone who is intoxicated due to illegal drugs may collide with a limousine. Another risk factor to consider with regard to these accidents is fatigue. Some limousine drivers become very tired after driving for long periods of time, which can make a wreck more probable.

Winter is coming, which means road danger will increase

It's bad enough that you have to worry about drivers who travel above posted speed limits on Louisiana roads, as well as those who blow through red lights or stop signs, make unsafe lane changes or otherwise disregard traffic regulations. Negligent drivers place you, themselves and any other motorist or pedestrian nearby at risk for injury. When winter arrives and the climate changes, such risks are even greater if reckless drivers commit negligence when road conditions are poor.

In short, a driver who speeds places everyone in the vicinity at risk. A driver who speeds on icy or slushy roads is a menace to all travelers nearby. In fact, speed is one of the most significant factors toward road safety on ice. Reducing your speed is one of the first things you should do if the roads you are navigating are slippery. No matter how cautious you are, another driver's negligence can cause you injury.

What is defensive driving?

Aggressive driving behaviors are not only inconsiderate, they also lead to a greater risk of accident and injury. That’s why all motorists should utilize defensive driving tactics, which entail remaining aware of your surroundings at all times and following traffic laws to the letter. Esurance offers a few examples of defensive driving behaviors and how they can benefit you.

Maintain a safe distance

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