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Protecting Your Rights In Property Damage Litigation

Hurricane Ida is the second-most intense and damaging hurricane to hit Louisiana on record. As we have done before with Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike, Bruno & Bruno is ready and able to step up to help communities affected by this storm.

At Bruno & Bruno, our lawyers have more than six decades of experience representing clients throughout Louisiana in complex insurance litigation. With an office in New Orleans to serve the South Shore and Covington to serve the North Shore, we are committed to helping our clients obtain maximum compensation for damage suffered in a natural disaster.

Residential & Commercial Property Damage Claims If your home, property, or business was damaged by Hurricane Ida, you may want to make a claim with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to recover for those damages. Damage claims against your insurer (“first-party claims”) generally require the insurance company initiate loss adjustment within 30 days of notification of the claim.

How to Start Your Property Damage Claim

I returned and found my home damaged by a storm. What steps do I take?

To start your claim, you will want to contact your insurance agent and report the storm damage. Please read your declarations page carefully to determine all available coverages and their deductibles. Named hurricanes like Ida often trigger a deductible that is 2 – 10% of the insured value of your home. You may also have separate coverages for your damaged belongings, other structures like sheds or detached garages and loss of use for expenses incurred for time spent away from your home.

Adjustment of your home or property after a major storm usually involves the Insurance Company sending an adjuster to evaluate your property and determine the cost to repair your property to its previous condition. The adjustment places a dollar value on your repair costs.

Insurance companies are required to pay the “uncontested” amount of your covered loss within 30 days. But Insurance companies know people in the most severely affected communities can be desperate for a lifeline after a disaster like Hurricane Ida, and they use this knowledge to delay and underpay claims.

Bruno & Bruno has a long track record of successfully fighting for full recovery for our clients in Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Coast.

Business Interruption Claims

Bruno & Bruno has vast experience in valuing and obtaining recovery for business interruption of our commercial clients caused by Hurricanes and the power outages that follow. We have the expertise and understanding of insurance law and available damages to determine the value of your business interruption.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If your insurance company pays you an unconditional tender, meaning an amount they agree they owe you with no strings attached, and you sign nothing, you probably do not need a lawyer for that tender. No matter what, do not sign any document from the insurance company without checking with us first. But if the insurance company does not pay you an unconditional tender, or the amount they pay is too low, or they ask you to sign anything in exchange for the check, you probably need a lawyer.

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Yes. Bruno & Bruno uses our extensive experience in storm claims to offer cost-effective representation. First, we receive no money up front, and only receive a fee as a percentage of amounts we can recover for you. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.

Second, we cover the expense for an independent adjustment of your home’s damages to determine if the insurance company undervalued your claim. Most law firms will pass the expense of an independent adjuster back to you at the closing of your claim. This advantage makes Bruno & Bruno more cost-effective than most other law firms.

If your home or business was damaged, let us handle your insurance claim so you can focus your energy on your loved ones and rebuilding your property

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