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Lawsuits on the rise; defective device causes serious injury

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2014 | Products Liability

There are likely many women in New Orleans, as there are across the country, that are looking for the perfect birth control to prevent pregnancy or for other medical reasons. Some may have heard of the birth control known as Mirena. Mirena is an inter-uterine form of birth control that its makers claim is over 99 percent effective, convenient, lightens periods and lasts for up to five years. However, once women hear about the litigation that is unfolding regarding this birth control device, they may want to consider whether the benefits really outweigh the costs.

Product liability lawsuits are being filed across the country against the makers of Mirena. The women filing these lawsuits claim that it is a dangerous product that is causing injury and illness. Some of these injuries and illnesses that are allegedly caused by the defective drug include uterine perforation, infection, organ damage, ectopic pregnancy and scarring. In addition, some women have experienced other injuries following the device’s spontaneous and unexpected migration within the uterus.

Thus far, the FDA has received thousands of reports of adverse effects caused by the IUD. There are 660 women who have filed lawsuits against Bayer, the manufacturer of the product, and some think this is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the lawsuits claiming injury, there are some accusations that Bayer is not appropriately stating the potential side-effects of the device.

When an individual suffers harm from a drug or medical device that was supposed to make their life easier and less stressful, it can be a very emotional, frustrating and financially draining experience. The good news is that there is often recovery available to those that are experiencing these hardships. This recovery usually comes in the form of damages recovered after filing a personal injury or products liability lawsuit. These damages may cover medical expenses and other financial obligations that arose as a result of the harmful and defective product.

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