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Louisiana truck crash leaves at least one injured

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2014 | Truck Accidents

As individuals that live across the state of Louisiana are aware, transportation is vital to our way of life. Individuals commute for work, to school, to social function, and for fun. However, not all vehicles are created equal. Semi-trucks dwarf cars and motorcycles, and pedestrians on bikes are no match for a motor vehicle. These size differences can wreak havoc when an accident occurs, leaving individuals injured.

When multiple vehicles of varying sizes collide with one another, the outcome can be devastating. This is especially true in the case of a truck crash involving an 18-wheeler and a small passenger vehicle. An accident that recently occurred in Lake Charles, Louisiana proved this to be true.

The 18-wheeler accident happened when a big rig jackknifed across westbound Interstate 210. This multi-vehicle accident involved not only the commercial motor vehicle, but also two additional vehicles. The crash led to the closure of some lanes on the Interstate and severe traffic backups. Crews expected it to take several hours to clean up the wreckage.

The accident is still under investigation, but it is known that at least one person suffered injuries as a result of the collision. The nature and severity of these injuries remains unknown at this time. However, no matter the severity of the injuries, they may result in unexpected financial obligations in the form of medical expenses and lost wages.

These unexpected expenses can, in some cases, become debilitating for an injured party and his or her family. The good news is these victims can often recover their damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If an injured party is successful on his or her claim, then he or she will usually recover monetary damages to pay for his or her medical bills as well as property damage and lost wages.

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