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Woman suffers slip-and-fall injury at Louisiana casino

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Premises Liability

A woman has sued Louisiana A-1 Gaming and the Boomtown Belle Casino and their insurer for injuries sustained after a slip-and-fall accident at a Louisiana casino. According to the plaintiff’s allegations, she went to a buffet-style dinner at the facility in April of 2013. There was a “caution wet floor” sign by the table at which she was seated but she left the table multiple times and didn’t have any trouble.

When she got up to leave the restaurant after the meal, however, she slipped and fell backwards. The woman claims that her fall was caused by food particles that were negligently allowed to build up on the floor.

The lawsuit claims numerous breaches of duty including the defendants’ lack of reasonable care in maintaining the cleanliness of the floors, failure to carry out a reasonable cleanup and safety procedure, and failure to warn of the hazardous condition. The lawsuit seeks an unknown amount of monetary damages to compensate the woman for physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, permanent physical impairment and mental pain and anguish.

When an party owns a property which is open to the public it is the property owner’s responsibility to appropriately maintain the property in order to provide safety for those people that will enter the property. The owners have a duty to warn of any hazards on the property which they know or should know about, and to take steps to remedy any hazards. If the owners are negligent and do not maintain their property to the appropriate standards and someone is injured as a result, the owners may face a premises liability lawsuit filed by the injured party.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Casino sued by woman who claims she was injured in slip and fall on food,” Kyle Barnett, May 7, 2014