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Crane crushes tugboat wheelhouse, killing captain

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2014 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Since so many New Orleans residents make a living on the water, it’s unavoidable that there will be accidents. For those who are injured on the water, there can be hefty medical expenses, the possible need for long-term care and trouble returning to work. These injuries can happen to tugboat crew members, and they often happen without warning.

An accident on a tugboat claimed the life of the captain. The incident occurred on the Industrial Canal at approximately midnight as the tugboat pushed a barge that carried a crane. The captain made a request for a bridge to be raised. It was raised to a higher level than what the captain asked for. However, the crane hit the bridge and collapsed. It landed on the wheelhouse of the tugboat. The captain was trapped and hurt in the incident. Other boats helped bring the tugboat to shore and the captain was freed from the wheelhouse. He was pronounced dead.

When there is an accident on the water, maritime laws will come into play. No matter the circumstances of an accident that results in injury or death while on the water, it’s important that those who were hurt and their families know their rights. Whether the accident occurred on the ocean, on a river or on a lake, the victims must take the proper steps be compensated for medical expenses and other costs. A person might suffer long-term damage and be unable to return to work making finances and care a significant concern. Crew members working on the water to make a living need to understand how to pursue compensation for injuries.

In this accident, the captain of the tugboat was unfortunately killed. The accident is still under investigation. Whenever there is an accident that involves injuries or a fatality, it’s imperative that the family gathers information on how to proceed with litigation. With that in mind, they would be well-advised to discuss the matter with a professional experienced in maritime incidents.

Source:, “Tugboat captain killed in accident on Industrial Canal,” Carlie Kollath, Aug. 14, 2014

Source:, “Tugboat captain killed in accident on Industrial Canal,” Carlie Kollath, Aug. 14, 2014