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Hit-and-run results in brain injury for Louisiana pedestrian

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2014 | Car Accidents

Car accidents do not always happen between two cars. Last month a Louisiana man was struck by a hit-and-run driver while the man was walking his bike across the street. Accidents like these typically result inserious injuries suffered by the pedestrian who is struck by the vehicle. Louisiana police are now searching for the person who struck the pedestrian and fled the scene.

The accident happened while the man was walking his bicycle across the street. The man suffered extensive brain injury due to the accident and has recently been taken off life support at a local hospital. The family claimed his injuries were too severe to expect him to recover. So far the suspect is still at large. Police are urging anyone with information about the accident to come forward.

In general, hit-and-run accidents like this are tragic because many details of the incident are not known. This is because the suspect who struck the victim fled the scene. That is why it is so important to locate hit-and-run drivers and hold them accountable for their actions. It is important to remember that in addition to criminal charges, a civil lawsuit can be filed against a negligent individual.

Unfortunately, brain injuries suffered by some pedestrians in hit-and-run accidents can directly cause the victim’s death. It is important for the victim’s family to get some information about what happened. Hopefully this brings them some closure as well. Hit-and-run accidents are tragic and it is important that drivers everywhere are always on the lookout for pedestrians. Doing so could save many innocent lives.

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