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Louisiana man killed after reckless driver crosses median

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2014 | Car Accidents

It is crucial that drivers on the roads today operate their vehicle with care and awareness. This is not only for the best interests of everyone on the road, but is the best way to protect oneself against a reckless or negligent driver when out and about. Despite drivers’ own caution, accidents can still happen that can be caused by reckless driving tactics used by others. Louisiana police claim that a reckless driver was responsible for the car accident that recently claimed the life of a Greenville man.

The accident occurred on Louisiana’s Interstate 10 near Westlake. According to police reports, the man’s 1990 pickup ran off I-10 East twice before crossing over the median and striking the victim’s 2014 Ford. The driver of the pickup has officially been booked on negligent homicide charges in addition to charges for reckless driving, driving with a suspended license and failing to secure his load. Prior to the fatal accident, an accident was reported on I-10 where two cars collided to avoid debris falling from a truck bed. The truck bed is suspected to belong to the 1990 pickup.

The charges facing the Westlake man are serious in nature. Sometimes, following even serious accidents, police do not file criminal charges. However, authorities believe that they have enough evidence to charge the man with negligent homicide due to his decisions on the road. The victim’s family will likely seek compensation for their loss. Charges pending against the man are criminal in nature; the family of the victim may also seek a civil suit against the accused.

In many cases, death or injury could have been avoided. Practicing safe driving is a choice that affects you and the lives of people you may have never met. Last week, a man died due to the driving decisions of another. As this case’s accident investigation comes to light, more details of the crash may be revealed and these details will likely either further incriminate or exonerate the accused.

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