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Driver killed in New Orleans car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Car Accidents

Drivers understand that they have certain responsibilities for the safety of others while operating their vehicles. If they are unable to fulfill these obligations, unnecessarily dangerous conditions may be created that can result in injury to others. When this occurs, the consequences can be significant and those who are injured may be able to receive compensation from the party at fault.

A recent motor vehicle accident in New Orleans has resulted in the death of a female driver. The woman was driving through an intersection when the driver of another vehicle ran through a stop sign and collided with her car. The impact of the collision caused her vehicle to flip and strike a tree. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of her injuries, but did not survive. The male driver of the vehicle that ran the stop sign was arrested on charges of vehicular homicide.

In addition to the potential criminal charges associated with a car accident, those at fault may also be liable in civil court for any resulting damages. To establish which party is at fault, a court must determine whether any of the parties involved operated their vehicle in a negligent manner. Negligence is failing to meet a duty of care owed to another person and causing them to be injured as a result. There are various actions that a driver can engage in that may show negligence on his or her part including speeding, disregarding weather conditions or failing to adhere to traffic signs, such as a stop sign.

Those injured in a car accident must understand their rights on the road and the responsibilities that must be met by other drivers. If they feel that another driver has failed to meet their required duties, they may be entitled to receive compensation for any resulting damages that they incur as a result of the accident.

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