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The right approach for people injured at sea

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

Admiralty and maritime law addresses the application of law for incidents that occur on navigable waters. Navigable waters are oceans, lakes and rivers that allow commercial shipping activities. Although the impact of injuries that occur on navigable waters are similar to those that occur on land, admiralty and maritime law can be much more complex in its application to such events.

The types of accidents typically covered under this area of law are injuries to passengers on cruise ships, injuries to seaman that are governed by the Jones Act and injuries suffered while riding on a recreational boat. The type of claims allowed and the remedies available differ based on the victim’s classification, which is determined by the type of presence they have on the water. These classifications include crew member, guest, owner, shore side employee and passenger, among others. Additionally, it is important to be cognizant that the deadlines to file maritime claims are often very different than those for claims that arise for injuries on land.

Due to the differences associated with maritime claims, as well as the relative complexity of this area of law, it is incumbent upon those injured in an accident at sea to take the right approach to their case to increase the possibility of achieving a successful result. The attorneys at Bruno & Bruno have significant experience in admiralty and maritime law and have successfully represented workers injured on offshore oil rigs, those injured on the open sea and workers injured at harbor.

Our attorneys attempt to help our clients to navigate the complexities associated with maritime law, as well as proffer the appropriate remedy or defense to best meet our clients’ needs.

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