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Helping clients through truck accident claims

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are an inherent and unfortunate aspect of driving. The effects of these accidents are exacerbated when one of the vehicles involved is a commercial truck. The relative size of a truck compared to standard passenger vehicles creates the potential for severe injuries for those involved. It is therefore incumbent upon all drivers, especially truck drivers, to focus on the safe operation of their vehicle at all times while on the road.

Truck drivers face unique demands while operating their vehicle. They often drive for extended hours, creating the potential for fatigue and mistakes while driving. They are sometimes required to carry unsafe cargo, either toxic or oversized, that can make operating their truck extremely difficult. Many drivers are not provided with adequate training to safely maneuver their vehicle in all situations that may be encountered on the road. Each of these issues involves the driver sharing liability, at least in part, with their employer. Truck drivers may also be negligent in their actions by disregarding weather conditions or traffic signals, making turning errors or failing to see other vehicles when necessary.

At Bruno & Bruno we are familiar with the potential causes of commercial truck accidents and identifying which parties involved are liable for any ensuing injuries. We are prepared to represent clients against any potential defendants, whether they are the actual operators of the vehicle in question or the employer of the driver. Our attorneys understand the consequences of truck accidents and the severe injuries that often result. We attempt to advise our clients on what to do when they are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, and we will provide zealous representation.

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