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Those injured by a dangerous product can seek legal help

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2015 | Products Liability

Consumers in New Orleans, Louisiana, have a certain expectation regarding the safety of the products that they purchase and use. If they use products responsibly and as intended, they should be able to trust that the manufacturer and seller of the product have taken the necessary care to ensure their safety while using it.

Manufacturers of products are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products and warning consumers of potential dangers that are present in its use. A product may be considered defective, and therefore unsafe for the public, if it is inherently dangerous, was created improperly or fails to provide adequate warning of potential injury from its use. Some products commonly associated with such issues include medical devices and medications, food items, toys and motor vehicles. If any of these products injure a consumer for the reasons listed above, the manufacturer of the product may be exposed to liability for any ensuing damages.

The attorneys at Bruno & Bruno are experienced with products liability actions and pursuing this compensation for their clients. They thoroughly investigate products liability claims and their potential causes. Our goal is to obtain an appropriate amount of compensation for our clients, in order to lessen the financial burden that has been created by the negligence of another.

Products liability claims can be complex as proving that a product is defective can be difficult in many circumstances. Our attorneys know how to retrieve and organize the necessary proof to establish that a product was unsafe. We are here to assist those injured by such products and get them back on the road to recovery from their injuries. For more information about products liability cases in New Orleans, please view our defective products web page.