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Federal agency regulates sea vessel, ocean-based travel

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2015 | Admiralty & Maritime Law

When it comes to traveling, many New Orleans residents use their own cars and trucks to get from place to place. Sometimes they fly on airplanes to distant destinations or ride trains for their necessary and for pleasure travel. In some cases, individuals travel by boat. Though travel by sea vessel is not the most common method of travel for many people, it is a very common way for goods and products to be delivered to and from Louisiana through the Gulf.

Whenever a sea vessel sets sail with people or cargo on board, it must abide by certain rules and regulations. Many different entities have authority over the different laws that govern admiralty and maritime matters; this blog post will look at one of those agencies in more detail.

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is an independent entity of the federal government. It is charged with securing and maintaining United States waters for the travel of people and goods into and out of the country. When a person takes a cruise to another country, the FMC will have a role in that vessel’s passage in some way.

The tenants of the FMC are to protect the rights and financial security of those who utilize sea-based transportation methods. It provides an arena for grievances to be addressed as well as an enforcement mechanism that helps people harmed in sea vessel accidents to claim compensation for their losses. It has many other duties that help protect individuals and companies that traverse through American waters.

As previously state, the FMC is only one of the many state and federal entities that controls various aspects of sea vessel travel. Individuals who have suffered harm while utilizing sea vessel transportation may eventually turn to this agency for support as they pursue their grievances and claims for possible recompense.