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At least 5 Louisianans suffer illness from tainted cucumbers

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Products Liability

When residents of Louisiana consider the potential risks of a dangerous product, they often don’t realize how foods can cause them harm. With naturally grown items, fruits and vegetables, the worry about dangerous food products will not come to might as possibly causing problems. However, there are times when even foods that are supposed to be healthy can cause damage, consumer injury and even consumer death. When this occurs, those who have been affected need to know what to do after it has happened.

Cucumbers are at the center of a salmonella outbreak that has made 732 people ill across 35 states including Louisiana. Four people have died and 150 have required hospitalization. The majority of those sickened – more than 50 percent – were youths under the age of 18. According to the company, the cucumbers in question were from San Diego and were a “limited edition” brand. All cucumbers under one label were recalled from the beginning of August. Those who might be suffering from salmonella could experience diarrhea, fever, feeling nauseous, vomiting, and cramps in the abdomen. People whose immune systems are compromised, the elderly, and children are considered the most vulnerable. So far, five people in Louisiana are reported to have been affected.

When purchasing a product, the last thing on a consumer’s mind is that it will place them or a loved one in jeopardy of illness, injury or death. Even though the company is unlikely to have intended to cause anyone any damage, that does not assuage their legal responsibility. There can be major medical costs, the emotional and personal upheaval from losing a loved one, and other factors that will come into play all because of a tainted food product. When this happens, those who have been harmed need to understand their rights to be compensated in a legal filing.

With these cucumbers, a vast number of people have been sickened with four fatalities. Considering the number of people who eat cucumbers on a regular basis, the numbers might eventually rise even higher. For those who have been made ill or lost a loved one because of contaminated food, the first call should be to a legal professional to discuss a case.

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