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Suspected drunk driver causes deadly accident in New Orleans

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk driving accidents are a common part of daily life in America, even despite the many different efforts by law enforcement officials and government agencies to highlight the extreme danger this behavior poses. Every year thousands of people are severely injured, or even killed, in auto accidents caused by drunk drivers.

A recent report points to the fact that New Orleans is not immune to the widespread problem caused by drunk drivers. The report detailed a collision that occurred in the early morning hours on October 22. Some of our readers may remember the news coverage of the tragic accident, which left a woman dead at the scene and one driver under investigation for potential drunk driving charges.

The reports indicate that a 56-year-old man was exiting Interstate 10 in a Chrysler Town & Country minivan at about 4:30 a.m. on October 22 when his vehicle was struck by another minivan that was crossing an intersection. The second minivan, a Dodge Caravan driven by a 51-year-old man, reportedly flipped as a result of the collision, and a 50-year-old female who was a passenger in that vehicle was ejected. The female passenger died as a result.

The 51-year-old driver of the Dodge Caravan was subsequently questioned by law enforcement officials, who reportedly transported him to a different location to test him for signs of intoxication. If this driver is ultimately charged and convicted on drunk driving charges, that would be a useful part of any subsequent civil personal injury lawsuit for the other parties involved in the accident.

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