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Understanding the danger of drivers running red lights

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Car Accidents

There are many reasons why a driver in Louisiana might be involved in a car accident. One reason that a car collision can occur is also one of the most egregious – running a red light. The reason traffic lights are in place is to keep traffic organized and safe. If a negligent driver does not adhere to the law and causes and accident, there can be terrible aftereffects. Research and attempts to reduce the frequency of drivers going through red lights are being conducted to end this dangerous act.

Nearly 700 people died in 2013 due to a driver running a red light. Approximately 127,000 were hurt. An estimated half of those who died were pedestrians, riding a bicycle, or were passengers in another vehicle that was hit be a driver who ran through a red light. In urban areas, failing to adhere to a traffic light or sign was the most common reason for a crash with 22 percent of the accidents being because of this. In 39 percent of those, there was an injury.

The frequency with which drivers run red lights has been examined. One particular study found that a driver went through a red light slightly more than three times per hour at busy intersections. Another study conducted by telephone found that almost all drivers stated that running a red light is not acceptable behavior if it is possible to stop. However, 36 percent stated that they have done it in the 30 days prior to participating in the study. Younger and less experienced drivers are prone to more risky behaviors such as not wearing seat belts and violating traffic laws like red lights.

Those who run through red lights have been found to have triple the chance of having multiple violations for speeding. Males were found to be more common violators in fatal crashes due to running a red light. They have also had DUI convictions and previous accidents. When victimized because of a driver who has gone through a red light it is important to have a full accident investigation to determine the circumstances and accrue proof as to the cause. Those who have been injured or lost a loved one because of other drivers running red lights need to understand their rights to a legal filing by speaking to a qualified legal professional.

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