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Product liability suit focuses on celebrity haircare line

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2015 | Products Liability

This time of year, consumer products are typically at the top of many Louisiana residents’ lists as they finish that last-minute holiday shopping. Some might have thought about giving popular beauty products as gifts, although a recent report about a hair care line might have many thinking twice about dangerous products. According to hundreds of women, the hair product Wen not only fails to work as promised but also has caused hair to fall out, break and become discolored.

Moreover, the class-action lawsuit claims, the product has also caused rashes and irritation to the scalp. The suit was filed by more than 200 individuals from 40 states against both Wen Hair Care and the infomercial company behind it, Guthy-Renker. The product has been marketed as a sort of alternative to shampoo, free of sulfates and was purported to be a combination shampoo, conditioner, detangler and more. Some celebrities have appeared in infomercials for the product, including Brooke Shields and Alyssa Milano. The hairstylist behind Wen also claims to have worked with Hollywood celebs during his career.

With marketing like that, it’s no wonder many people have purchased Wen products. Unfortunately, many have also claimed the product caused serious damage to their hair. According to the law firm behind the class-action suit against Wen, the product actually contains ingredients which act as a caustic agent and depilatory, causing a damaging chemical reaction to users’ hair. Another element in the lawsuit is that the product’s manufacturer not only knew about these complaints but also refused to take action to remove Wen from stores.

Defective products can not only prove to be an unintended waste of money, but can also cause consumer injury. Fortunately, there are ways that harmed consumers can take action to obtain compensation for damages caused by a faulty product. A skilled product liability firm may offer legal advice to those negatively affected by consumer products.

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