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Full compensation for life-long injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2016 | Car Accidents, Injuries, Truck Accidents

After a serious accident, one of the most pressing concerns for most accident victims is the money. Who will pay for these medical bills? How will we cover the cost of the lost wages from missing work? These and other questions are common.

However, because of the stressful aftermath of these accidents and the remarkable costs they are facing, most victims and their families only consider the short term. They want compensation for the immediate costs and other damages – which makes sense – but they often fail to consider the long-term medical bills and other costs that could arise over the course of a lifetime from a serious accident.

Get The Compensation You Need

At Bruno & Bruno, we have extensive experience and knowledge representing Louisiana clients in all types of motor vehicle accident claims and other personal injury claims. The most important thing you can do after an accident is talk with an attorney you trust to help you through the process and make sure you get full compensation.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer will know to explore important issues such as:

  • Long-term medical costs: Although the immediate medical care is the first thing on most accident victim’s minds, it is extremely important to get medical reports, second opinions and detailed analysis regarding long-term medical care issues that arise from an accident.
  • Probabilities of recurring medical issues: In some cases, it is unclear whether further complications will arise down the road. It is important in these situations to consult with forensic and medical experts to obtain accurate probabilities.
  • Adaptive technologies: In addition to surgeries, ongoing medications and therapy, some accident victims will require a range of adaptive technologies to allow them to live a normal life. These adaptive measures can include wheelchairs, ramps and vehicle lifts, to name a few.
  • Loss of earning capacity: Lost wages are considered damages for which the responsible driver is legally obligated to pay. We can help make sure you receive compensation for all of the lost wages or reduced earning capacity for the length of your career.
  • Psychological damages and costs: Although many people overlook this fact, a serious motor vehicle accident is a stressful experience, one that often leads to significant psychological issues. Therapy and psychiatric costs can add up, so it is important to seek out compensation for these costs, as well.

Do not settle for a quick payout that fails to cover the full extent of the costs and damages you suffer as the result of an accident. Make sure you work with an experienced legal that will fight to make sure you get the full compensation award available to you.