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Lamborghini crash leads to vehicular homicide charges

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People often underestimate risk. Many residents of New Orleans would avoid some parts of town because of the perceived risk of crime. But few fully understand the risk presented by their cars and trucks. Some of that is due to familiarity. They drive in their vehicles every day and if they have not suffered a crash, attribute that to their skill and acumen behind the wheel.

They also may believe because they have not been involved in a crash, that they won’t be involved in one. Driving is a full-time occupation for any driver, and if a driver is intoxicated, on drugs, drowsy, or distracted by any one of a number of items like texting or checking Facebook, they are at risk to cause grievous bodily harm or death to themselves, their passengers, other motorists and pedestrians.

A crash last may have led to vehicular homicide charges being filed against a man who crashed a Lamborghini in on a floodwall on Felicity St in New Orleans. He was estimated to have been traveling at 118 miles per hour on Tchoupitoulas Street when he lost control of the vehicle. The crash killed his 23-year-old passenger. His blood alcohol content was measured at 0.11 hours after the deadly crash.

The exotic, 602 horsepower, $240,000 Lamborghini was borrowed from an acquaintance of his and perhaps he was showing off to his passenger, attempting to leave an impression. Sadly, he made a permanent impression that left her dead and could lead to his spending 30 years behind bars.