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What to do following a car crash

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a motor vehicle accident, you may understandably be shaken up and even angry, especially if another motorist caused the accident. This is particularly true if the other driver was being careless behind the wheel, such as driving while distracted. Having physical pain and discomfort to deal with immediately following the wreck only makes matters even more complicated.

Knowing exactly what to do following a car crash in Louisiana can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, a few steps are critical to take both at the accident scene and afterward. Failing to take these steps may end up hurting you legally and financially in the long run.

First steps

The most important thing you can do right after being involved in an accident is to remain at the accident scene. Checking on all of your passengers to make sure that they are okay is also critical. In addition to seeking medical care for those who need it, including yourself, the police should also respond to the scene. The police can file a report for you, which can be helpful to provide for your insurance company later.

Second steps

Keeping a solid record of all medical treatments you have to undergo as a result of the physical injuries sustained in the crash is also important. You may even want to keep a diary, detailing how your injuries have prevented you from going to work or leading a normal life for an extended period of time. This may be helpful for when you decide to go to court in pursuit of damages for your injuries.

Around this time, you may also hear from the other driver’s insurance company. The representative could be mentioning settlements, or even just asking for more detailed information from you. This representative is not on your side and you should not provide any information without talking to your own insurance company and attorney.

Third step

Your third step involves actually filing your claim. Competent proof of negligence is necessary to establish liability in court in an automobile crash. Only once establishing liability before the civil court hearing your case, will there be adjudication for claims for damages. A successfully fought case may lead to a monetary award that may help you to cover your health care bills and other losses resulting from the wreck.